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John’s Old School Horror Corner: The Possessed (1975)

April 12, 2013

MY CALL:  This film is purely ludicrous and should only interest horror fans because of its obscurity.  IF YOU LIKE THIS WATCH:  If you like random and obscure horror movies then I’d suggest The Nesting (1981), The Outing (1987), Deadly Blessing (1981) and The Sentinel (1977).  ALTERNATE TITLE: Demon Witch Child.


A bald gypsy woman is arrested for kidnapping a child and, for reasons beyond my comprehension, she jumps out the window to her death.  Evidently to avenge her mother, the gypsy’s witch daughter curses the daughter of the police commissioner.  She gives the girl a figurine and a necklace which seem to allow the ghost of the dead gypsy to enter her body.


There’s a dumb levitation scene which seems to serve no purpose other than to confirm to the audience that, yes, she is indeed possessed.  The possessed little girl acts out the maligned misdeeds of the gypsy by sacrificing an infant, speaking obscenities, unconvincingly twisting her torso 360 degrees, loving Lucifer, engaging in a lot of telekinetic nonsense around the house, strangling people, a random castration, mimicking people’s voices, baby snatching, holding evil gypsy witch meetings.

It’s all rather melodramatic and boring.  Very boring.  The story doesn’t seem to have any aim as we watch the possessed girl carry out one sin after another.  In the end a priest burns a crucifix on her forehead and she falls impaled on a big cross.  Nobody wins, especially not the viewers.



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