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Bad Movie Tuesday: The Best Worst Horror Villain

April 23, 2013

Hello all. Mark here. Voting has closed. Thanks for all votes. Check back in on Tuesday 04/30 for the Odd 16!

Much ado has been made of the classic horror villains. They’ve become celebrated heroes of a violent genre. However, these baddies have become boring due to prequels, sequels, spin-offs, remakes and uninteresting back stories. We here at MFF have decided to figure out who/what is the best worst horror villain of all time.  Will the shark who eats airplanes win? Will a poop monster be victorious? Will the Moon Rock from Apollo 18 chase everyone away?

Disclaimer: This list is not comprehensive and I haven’t broken the surface of the genre called horror. However, I love bad movies and I have an odd fascination with the strange creatures/people/air that inhabit subpar horror films. The following 32 choices are picks that I find humorous and incredible in bad ways. For instance, I’ve never watched The Eye or The Unborn but I find these pictures hilarious. Whatever they are yelling at deserves to be on this list.

Jessica Alba yelling into stove


Odette Annable The unborn


Also, aquatic sea beasts who inspire infographics deserve to be in the tournament.



Have you even seen piranhas hurl themselves into bicycle kicks? You will on this list!


Maybe you remember the Deep Blue Sea shark who has the best timing ever!


This week you will be deciding who makes it into the odd 16. The following Bad Movie Tuesday posts will narrow down the field and give the world a clear victor in the battle for the worst. Check out the ballet (click to enlarge) then look below and click on your favorite worst villain and vote! Thanks! Vote. Comment. Share. Like.  Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter @MoviesFilmsFlix (Brand new!)


via my wonderful fiancee at MADesigns

Cheap Thrills Division

Unnecessarily Angry Division

Revengeful yet Aquatic Division

Bad CGI. Worse Temper Division

Thanks for Voting! Check back next Tuesday to find out who made it into the odd 16.

Vote. Share. Comment. Like. Repeat! Follow us on Twitter @MoviesFilmsFlix (Brand new!)

I will leave you with this wonderful clip.

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