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Bad Movie Tuesday: The Best Worst Villain: Round 5

May 21, 2013

The 32 have become 2. The Shark who ate Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea has to battle Gerard Butler’s hair from Dracula 2000 in the dramatic final. The hair has been a massive dark horse while the shark has cruised to victory against some very tough competition. In this post I am going to dive deeper into the two and provide evidence on why they’ve made it so far.

Old, pretentious and soggy male movie critics may have disliked Butler’s performance but what did people say on Amazon? I found some reviews that exult Butler’s swooning/Scottish vampire king.

If you’re a Butlerian Crushgirl–by all means, rent or buy this. The moments with Mr. Butler are worth the price. When he sniffs Mary, it’s the kind of fully-dressed erotic moment that puts all the nude scenes in cinema to shame, and it proves that when you have people with intensity and charisma and screen “itness”, an expression, a breathy phrase, these are more sensual than a million displays of nakedness and groaning.

The only reason to watch this film is if you love Gerard Butler. I would have only rated it 2 stars for mediocre, but Gerard’s memorizing, seductive performance saves this film. For that reason alone, I have given it 5 stars.

The main thing I like about this movie is that is caters to FEMALES; yes, there is T&A for the guys, but the writers also realized their female audiece, which has *thankfully* begun to be a trend in the last decade or so. Even after all of the sexy vampire characters I have watched in movies, Gerard Butler is definately one of the SEXIEST, and most convincing!

If these reviews haven’t sold you on the Butler then his audition for Dracula 2000 will!


Now on to the Shark from Deep Blue Sea!

Did you know that Sam Jackson was offered the LL Cool J role but his management thought it was a bad idea. It is a good thing Jackson took the role of Russel Franklin because his death instantly changed the film’s expectations. Anybody could die at any moment and that is why the film has such a massive fun factor. Also, the kill is so famous Entertainment Weekly gave it an A+ and praised it’s glory:

For its canny subversion of genre conventions, this shark shocker gets our vote for the best death scene in any Hollywood movie since, oh, Psycho.

It is rare that a movie about genetically engineered sharks gets brought up in the same sentence as Psycho. Here is how the kill came to fruition. In 1996 Deep Blue Sea director Renny Harlin worked with Jackson on The Long Kiss Good Night. In an early edit of the film Jackson’s character was killed off and the audience at the test screening  yelled “you can’t kill Sam Jackson.” Well, when Jackson took the DBS role Harlin came up with a brilliant idea. Here is what Jackson had to say about it:

I’m basically like Janet Leigh (Psycho) or Drew Barrymore (Scream). Director Renny Harlin came to me and said (Jackson doing his Harlin impression with a thick Finnish accent), “It’s going to be the most incredible death! It’s going to shock  everyone!” I said, “OK, Renny, I’m down with that.” I died a lot in movies in my early career and I’ve never been killed by any “thing” before.

Sidenote: Jaws was 25 feet so the director made the Deep shark 26 feet. However, sometimes it looks to be 40 feet. The CGI had some kinks which make it all the more enjoyable. There are multiple occassions when the shark shrinks or grows to fit the plot. I love that! The movie exists so people will get eaten by sharks and nothing else matters.

Deep Blue Sea is the 12th highest grossing creature feature of all time. The big numbers owe a lot to Jackson’s death which caused massive audience participation, water cooler talk and fantastic word of mouth.

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via my wonderful fiancee at MADesigns

5 Comments leave one →
  1. johnleavengood permalink
    May 21, 2013 8:03 am

    Dude! That Gerard Butler video is zany! He needs to be medicated.

    • May 21, 2013 9:31 am

      If this is how auditions really go I would never land a role in a film. I couldn’t commit to the wig.

      • johnleavengood permalink
        May 21, 2013 11:29 am

        That wig was beyond ridiculous. And I’m pretty sure Butler was under the influence of something. lol

  2. May 21, 2013 11:34 am

    Imagine this. You are Gerard Butler. You wake up one morning, brew some coffee and watch ESPN for soccer highlights. You then open up your computer and have an email from your friend with the headline “Dracula 2000 Audition tape leaked.”
    Probably the worst day ever.

  3. johnleavengood permalink
    May 21, 2013 9:26 pm

    If that was leaked before casting for 300, then Butler would have instead starred in Meet the Spartans next to Mad TV’s Will Sasso.

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