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Bad Movie Tuesday: Movie 43 and Kitchen Sink Humor

June 18, 2013

Movies 43 movie poster

Do you like poop on windshields, blood, incest, Leprechaun murder, vulgar language, horny animated cats, racial stereotypes, neck testicles and nudity? Well, if you enjoy most of these things  you probably won’t enjoy this film. Movie 43 throws so many gross things at you it creates a cacophony of flatulence noises and a cavalcade of uninteresting short stories that make you depressed and worried about Kate Winslet’s career choices.

I get Movie 43. Put a bunch of A-list celebrities in compromising situations and hilarity ensues. However, the clips throw you headlong into nastiness so there is zero build up for the punch lines. You are supposed to feel bad for Kate Winslet and she sits across from Hugh Jackman while he is dumping his neck testicles into BBQ sauce. However, you don’t know the characters so there is zero reason to care. Remember when the Farrelly brothers created testicles jokes that worked? There’s Something About Mary features the Citizen Kane of genitalia jokes. The set up is that Ben Stiller has somehow landed the perfect 10 of a homecoming date. As he nervously waits for his beautiful date he goes to the bathroom and is caught off guard when he looks through the bathroom window and sees her changing. He has done nothing wrong aside from peeing in the wrong place at the wrong time. He quickly zips up his pants and gets his beans above his frank. What follows is gross out comedy with heart. There is no heart in Movie 43. It is a empty shell of gross thinking it is funny.

The critcal vitriol this film received was funnier than the movie. The movie critics dog piled (4% RT)  the film and buried it beneath words like lazy, disgusting, aggressive stupidity, witless, awful, racist, cruel, misogynistic, disaster, depressing and a misfire of megalithic proportions. My favorite two quips were by Dave White of and Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News.

To fully enjoy yourself from start to finish, it will help if you’ve got the sense of humor of a middle-school-aged sociopath…

As a film critic, I’ve seen nearly 4,000 movies over the last fifteen years. Right now, I can’t think of one worse than Movie 43.

The basic concept the creators were going for was zany situations are made funny when A-list actors are in them. This is almost guaranteed to not be funny. Before Chevy Chase was a spy or hanging from the Hoover Dam he was a passive aggressive everyday man who made us laugh in Vacation and Fletch. However, when he got famous the creativity left the building and they thought putting him in a movie was enough. Creativity was gone because it became Chevy Chase is Fletch as oppossed to Fletch featuring Chevy Chase. My favorite comedic actor had a similar dearth of comedic purgatory. The films Larger than Life and The Man Who Knew Too Little put him in zany situations that proved painfully unfunny. The poor guy was left working his butt off to make people laugh while he was wearing a silly hat. Producers thought Bill Murray wearing a silly hat would sell tickets. The silly hat did not sell tickets.

There is nothing interesting about the worlds of Movie 43. I find it interesting that the thing was made and that people thought it might be funny. I’d love to hear a commentary about the making of the movie and get inside the creators head. Hopefully, lessons are learned and people realize that skit classic Kentucky Fried Movie wasn’t a fluke. The best thing that come from this film is that more people discover Kentucky and appreciate skit comedy done right.

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