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The Netflix Halloween Survival Guide

October 31, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

Halloween is approaching and the world will be inundated with horror films. Some are good, some are bad and some are so bad they are good (undoubtedly co-writer John has watched them all). I want you to be prepared for the impromptu movie watching experiences that come with Halloween. A random pick can go terribly awry and you’ll find yourself watching a glossily bland remake or soul crushing gore shlock fest of doom.

Netflix has copious amounts of horror that range from soul crunching to wonderful. I’ve put together a list that won’t disappoint and will be certain to entertain.


Devil – It will never be considered a horror classic but it is enjoyable, atmospheric and wonderfully constructed. Also, it has one of my favorite horror moments of all time. Philly upside down!

Devil philly


Cabin in the Woods – Innovative, charming and genre bending. Cabin in the Woods is a wonderfully Whedonesque tale of horror, comedy and pithy dialogue. Watch out for the Merman!



Slither – “I can’t get drunk. I have too much muscle mass.” Expect this type of dialogue as Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks battle jerky aliens. Also, an added bonus is watching James Gunn direct before his Guardians of the Galaxy gig.



Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Funny, charming and gory. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are instantly likable bumpkins who think college kids are killing themselves all around them. Also, horror disliker Roger Ebert loved the film.

tucker and dale2


Evil Dead 2 – Gonzo filmmaking at its best. if you haven’t watched Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2 watch them now! Get “Groovy” with it.

Evil Dead 2


Session 9 – Daytime horror. This indie scared the crap out of me and has proven to be a cult classic amongst horror aficionados. Horror Czar John loved it btw. 

session 9


Scream – You gotta watch Scream. Have you watched Scream? It is fun satire done right. I’ll be right back!



Apollo 18 – Moon Rock Spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apollo 18 is incredibly bonkers and raises so many questions you will never be able to answer them. It may be the death of found footage but it is an incredibly fun way to go out.

Moon rock spider apollo 18


Dead Snow – Nazi Zombies killing skiers who start killing the zombie nazis. Inventive, unique and really really fun.


Enjoy. Comment. Watch!

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  1. October 31, 2013 10:25 am

    Great list of movies to watch for any Halloween party. I may have to rewatch Session 9. It’s been a few years since I last saw it

    • October 31, 2013 10:30 am

      Thanks! Session 9 is wonderful. I like the daytime horror aspect. I wanted to pick movies that were actually enjoyable and not soul crushing. You don’t want to watch I Saw the Devil at a party haha.

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