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The Liam Neeson Kill Map

September 18, 2014

I was surfing around my favorite movie websites and I found this wonderful Liam Neeson “Kill Map” on Collider (via eOne). I love how Neeson has become the go to badass of Hollywood. He has been kicking butt for years and has proven his mettle in Taken (Co-writer John’s favorite Neeson ThroatChopExtravaganza), Gangs of New York, Kingdom of Heaven, Rob Roy, Phantom Menace, A-Team, The Grey (totally underrated) and Batman Begins.

In the words of Key and Peele “Don’t try to be Russian around Liam Neesons. He’ll take your arm and put some fractures in that.” My favorite Neeson kill occurred in Rob Roy when he defeated Tim Roth via grabbing a sword blade in order to deliver a powerful death slash.



Without further ado, here is the “Kill Map.”


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