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Aliens, Tremors, Jerky Ghosts and Clowns: The Best Horror Movie Drags

October 17, 2014


Hello all. Mark here.

Halloween is on its way and the world will be inundated with “best of” horror lists. However, I (with some help from friends) will be doing something different. I wanted to talk about the greatest horror drags. When I mean drags, I mean the hero/victim is unwittingly pulled into danger via evil clowns, modified sharks or skinny zombie ladies.

The drag is a staple of horror films because it provides real stakes that let the viewer know the threat is real. Somebody is probably very angry and the they will take it out on the poor recipient via pulling them into danger. A drag isn’t a schlock scare dependent on a cat jumping out of nowhere. If done right the drag/tug/pull can become legendary.


These moments provides quality gut punches that thrill, shock or make you laugh. They build upon worlds or simply kill off random characters like this poor guy in Big Trouble in Little China.

Big Trouble Spider


Quick disclaimer: I have not watched every horror film and I’m certain I’ve missed many drags. However, these drags have been well researched and reflect some of my favorite horror moments. What are your favorite drags? Read and vote below!

Leatherface Thump and Drag in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Yes, he thumps the man on the head first. However, the drag is quick, economical and powerful. The moment is a blur and sets the basis for the rest of the primal scares. It is the perfect introduction to a skin mask wearing murderer



The Drag to Hell in Drag Me to Hell

I love Drag Me To Hell. Sam Raimi hit a goofy homerun and the ending really punches you in the gut. Aside from The Descent, Drag Me To Hell is my favorite horror film.


Evil Dead 2 Hand Drag

Ash gets his butt kicked a lot. He is a famous cinematic blowhard who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Turner Classic Movies has the best hand battle/drag I found. Click on the link to enjoy!

Ash hand



Descent Creature Drag

I love The Descent. It is primal, violent and amazing. I love the opening attack and the insanity of trying to save one of your friends from being dragged away by a hungry mole creature.


REC Finale Drag

Woo Wheeee! This drag punched me in the face and left me breathless.


Fire in the sky Alien Abduction Drag

I watched this movie when I was a kid and it wrecked my youth.


Nightmare on Elm Street Drag Into Bed

Geyers and geyers of blood. Johnny Depp gets dragged into a bed and explodes. Hello, Freddy.


Alien 3 Ceiling Drag

Alien 3 is not a good film. However, this moment was amazing.  I love how the guy gets pulled through the ceiling. The prisoners were in deep sh*t. It is so unexpected and instantly adds a wildcard to the film. The alien could and would strike from anywhere.


Every Drag in The Conjuring

I love The Conjuring. That witch was a massive jerk. The threat was so real that every drag had a weight to it. The poor family was in over their heads and I watched most of the movie with my eyes covered.

the conjuring


Paranormal Activity Bed Drag 

Forget about all the lame sequels. The original is a beauty in which a jerky demon does some angry dragging.


Poltergiest Clown Drag

Wow, This scene is terrifying and played upon many peoples fear of clowns and ghosts.


Aliens and the Hudson Dragging

Game over man. Game over. James Cameron used the drag to perfection in Aliens. Here, the show stealing Hudson is dragged away and the stakes get very real and one liners become less frequent.


Deep Blue Sea and the Sam Jackson Moment of Awesomeness

Probably the greatest moment ever in genetically modified shark cinema. The bite and drag comes after a fantastic monologue and plays out perfectly. I was working in a theater when this movie came out and the scene always got a massive applause. The drag perfected.


The Blob and the Kitchen Sink

The Blob creators literally brought in a kitchen sink to drag a guy into. Brilliant!


Dog Soldiers– Dogs! More Like P*ssies Drag

I love Dog Soldiers. More people need to see it. I couldn’t find the clip but the movie is on Youtube. Watch it.



Jeepers Creepers and the Depressing Fly Away–  The end of Jeepers Creepers is a real downer. You like the brother/sister duo and the moment actually gives you some hope. However, poor Justin Long gets dragged away and his eyes are recycled.


The Creature from the Black Lagoon Belly Flop Drag

The Creature likes a lady. The Creature grabs the lady. The creature and the woman belly flop off a boat. This is one of the original horror drags and must be appreciated.


Tremors and the Drag Through Tire Kill

The subterranean worms are great at dragging people into their squishy mouths. Thus, don’t hide on top of a tire.


Cabin in the Woods and the “I’m in a Reality TV Show” Drag.

Cabin in the Woods defies all expectations. So, when you think Marty is being dragged away to his death you are being fooled. In a typical film, that drag would have meant death. Instead, the guy lives, beats people with a bong club and lets the world burn. A great way to end the drag list.

Marty drag

Did I miss any? Vote below to let me know what is your favorite drag of the bunch.

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