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Five Films worth a watch on Netflix: April 2015 Edition

March 31, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

The world is inundated with movies, television and more movies. It is easy for films and television shows to fall through the cracks and into Netflix oblivion. I’ve decided to start a regular “stream this” post that covers films and television shows that you can stream on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

My goal is to save you time and keep you from scouring the streaming services in hopes of finding something unique. I don’t want you to spend 45 minutes looking through films until you decide on some weird movie or television show that feels put upon and ultimately disappoints.

The Trip – The Trip to Italy 

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are my heroes. The Trip and Trip to Italy are incredibly breezy, organic and always funny. The films revolve around Rob and Steve driving around England or Italy in search of food, wine and vistas. Their impersonations are spot on and I love how they take the piss out of each other. You gotta watch these films .

The Trip to Italy


Goon tells the story of a kindly hockey enforcer and his team of misfits. It is a Slapshot for this generation and Sean William Scott is a revelation as Doug Blatt. Goon is a nice film that features fun fights, good hockey and three-dimensional characters.

Goon hockey players


Chef is wonderful. Jon Favreau was tired of big-budget film making so he made this little film about a chef rediscovering his love of food and family. The cameos are wonderful and John Leguizamo finally got a role to flourish in.

Chef John Leguizamo


Jo Nesbo is awesome. He is a great author and I bet he is proud of this adaptation. Headhunters is stylish without being pretentious and juggles gore, humor and plot twists with aplomb. This Norwegian export plays like the Coen brothers directed a live action Road Runner film.

Headhunters wife


Irish villagers need to stay drunk in order to survive an alien attack.  I love the characters, creatures and death via alien flick. Grabbers is a fun creature feature that feels like Gremlins met Tremors and spawned Attack the Block.

Grabbers alien

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