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Paul Walker’s Seven Best Fast and Furious Moments

April 1, 2015



The Fast and Furious series has gone from a Point Break ripoff to a global sensation. The stressing of family and insane car stunts has pushed the series to new heights and I’m expecting Fast 7 to pull in well over $500 million at the worldwide box-office.

The seventh installment will be a bittersweet affair. The loss of Paul Walker was a tragic blow and it will be hard to separate fact from fiction while watching Furious 7. Walker will be remembered as a genuine man and Tyrese summed him up perfectly when he said:

“Paul was the nicest guy in the world, period. He treated everybody the same — the cast, the crew, wardrobe, electric, grips, doesn’t matter if you do plumbing. He was the nicest guy ever, So we all felt the trauma. It wasn’t just a death. It wasn’t just a loss. It was traumatic because of the way he died. So it was a lot.”

In honor of Paul Walker I’ve compiled the seven best Walker moments from the Fast series. What I appreciate about Brian O’Conner is that he kept the films grounded while Vin Diesel and The Rock became more superhero like. He never drove through planes, threw men through ceilings or crashed through walls while fighting. O’Conner was a surgeon with a car and his character grew from an undercover bro-cop to full on family man. His moments of glory were more subtle and subdued and that is why it is easy to miss the little things over the years.


1. I almost got you – Fast and the Furious

With one sentence Walker won over the crowd and made the cranky Dominic Toretto smile. He may of lost the race but the look of glee on his face shows that he was hooked on car racing. Even as Dom is babbling on about carburetors Brian has a massive smile on his face and takes the loss well. It was good police work and it helped him get into the world.



2. The 2 Fast 2 Furious fight

2 Fast is my sentimental favorite of the series. It is about two guys, one smarmy drug dealer and the stealing of cigar cutters. The stakes were low and that allowed the relationship between O’Conner and Roman to flourish. Tyrese and Walker had great chemistry and they are my favorite duo of the series. I like their backstory, the way they always say “bro” and how they steal each others moves.


brian and rome


The opening fight between them plays realistically with Roman hitting harder and Brian nullifying him with jiu-jitsu. O’Conner knows that Roman is mad so they slug it out, talk smack and team up.



You can tell be these outtakes that they had a great time together.


3. Pockets ain’t Empty

The finale minute of 2 Fast 2 Furious might be the most ridiculous moments of the series. I love how it ends on a small scale note with two men, full pockets and food on the horizon. Here is how it plays out:

Brian O’Conner: Pockets ain’t empty, cuz.
Roman: And we ain’t hungry no more either, brah


4. Puts family first

The beginning of Fast Five is insane. Dom is headed to prison and his family comes out to save him. Brian and Mia worked together (great couple!) and somehow manage to flip a bus like 12 times, rescue Dom and kill nobody. The amount of planning and aerodynamics had to be so exact there was no room for error. Mia drives straight at the bus and makes it swerve while Brian waits IN FRONT OF AN OUT OF CONTROL BUS in order for it to hit his car and go into a spin. The guy almost gets crushed so he can help his family. What is the biggest theme of the Fast movies? Family!





5. The train debacle

Fast Five is awesome. The train scene took it to another level. While Vin was having a cake walk fight on the train Walker was hanging on for dear life on an exploding vehicle. He survives the exploding vehicle, jumps on a car then looks totally relaxed as the badass car flies a quarter mile off a cliff. Viva la car surfing!






6. Ditching the electronic car killer in Fast Six

Walker first showed his getting rid of electronic car killer skills in 2 Fast 2 Furious. He perfected the skill in Fast Six. Ludacris and Tyrese had already been taken out by the devices and Walker was the last one left chasing the SUV of doom. He knew what the devices were capable of so he pulls a perfect emergency brake maneuver and gets rid of the projectile. It shows he can think fast while going really fast. This would come in handy later on when he uses a grappling hook to take down a plane. The dude can’t stop saving the day.



7. Fast Six Prison Fight

Forget the unbelievable fights between The Rock and Vin Diesel. This fight is a close quartered masterpiece that once again plays believable. I’m still not entirely sure why he went to that prison (who cares) but I walked out of the film saying it was the best fight in the history of the series.



O’Conner also throws the best superman punch in the history of cinematic superman punches


Brian O’Conner is the true hero of the Fast world.

Fast and the Furious 6 Paul Walker



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