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10 Questions about the Summer Blockbusters

April 19, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

The summer season is upon us and I have many questions. It seems no matter how much money or talent is behind the camera there are always plot holes, reshoots and unanswered questions. I continue to watch the big budget summer fare because there is nothing better than experiencing a home run like Fast Five on the big screen. When a director and crew can balance mainstream appeal with lofty ideas it is a thing of magic. Last year Edge of Tomorrow and Interstellar knocked my socks off and proved to be amazing theatrical experiences.

The 2015 summer blockbuster trailers raised a lot of questions. The following post dares to ask the random questions so you don’t have to.


1. Is it just me or does the new Avengers movie have WAY too many characters? 

I trust Joss and I think he can juggle the characters. However, it seems like Marvel is throwing up 50 balls and expecting him to keep them all in the air. The original kept it relatively simple with one villain, several heroes and weird flying tremors. The sequel has Ultron, Vision, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, Falcon, Rhodey, Baron Strucker Ulysses Claw, Avengers, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Loki and Heimdall. Good luck!

Avengers age of Ultron poster


2. Who wins? The earthquake or The Rock

I know normal denizens will be wiped off the earth but you have to wonder how The Rock will do. I almost feel bad for the earthquake. The earthquake was being an earthquake and will most likely catch a Rock Bottom for its troubles.

San Andreas


3. What happens if the Jurassic World dinosaur leaps a little to the right? 

I still can’t shake how poorly executed this sea beast enclosure is. What if the dinosaur leaps into the stands? How deep is the tank? Where are the ponchos? Why isn’t The Rock riding it? They will need much more than one shark to feed that thing. They can create dinosaurs from mosquito remains yet risk billions in lawsuits because of potential “Sea beast crushing.”

Jurassic World Sea beast


4. Will Ant-Man’s small-scale property destruction be the next big thing? 

Ant-Man looks like a mess but I love the toy train destruction. Finally, something small gets wiped out. I’m hoping that Rudd and crew are able to pull this film off because I love the idea of something different in the Marvel universe.

toy train antman


5. How do you become a Fury Road post-apocalyptic guitar player? 

I get that music is great for intimidation. However, did this guy try out for the job? Was there a Whiplash or Drumline style tryout period? What song is he playing?

Mad Max fury road guitar


6. Is it just me or is the new Terminator poster trying to take your attention away from the word Genisys?

The new Terminator films looks like a hot mess. It hasn’t been aided by the title Genisys. I love the cast but it all looks so stock and unnecessary. Also, with the latest poster I feel like they are trying to hide the word “Genisys.”

terminator poster


7. Is Tom Cruise human? 

The answer is “No.” He might be a Highlander. The dude hangs out on the side of a taking off plane and looks totally comfortable. What if a bird hit him? I can’t wait for the next Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise hanging on plane Rogue


8. Will Fantastic Four be clobbered before it gets released? 

Does the studio hate it? Was Josh Trank in over his head? Why all the reshoots? Can you really mess up a cool story inhabited with fantastic young actors? I loved Chronicle and I hope this film takes off so we don’t get the inevitable reboot.



How will Pitch Perfect make the change from sleeper hit to expected blockbuster? 

It all started as a word of mouth sensation that blew up in theaters and exploded on DVD. How will the sequel hold up under the big time microscope? Will it adhere to the bigger is better sequel tropes? Will Fat Amy be less of a character and more of a force of nature? I really hope the sequel is good because I love the original.

Pitch Perfect 2


Will Spy be more Bridesmaid/Get Smart than Tammy/The Heat?

I love Get Smart and Bridesmaids. The Heat and Tammy were soul crushing. I love Melissa McCarthy when she plays a three-dimensional character and not a loud version of herself (AKA Tammy).

Spy movie


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  1. April 19, 2015 12:38 pm

    Who wins? The earthquake or The Rock.

    The Rock flexes his muscles and teh ground purely out of fears goes back to normal 😀

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