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Five Horror Films Worth a Watch on Netflix: May 2015 Edition

May 12, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

Do you ever search Netflix for long periods of time and end up watching something really bad? It is a problem that many people have and I’m hoping these posts can eliminate the horror gambles. Time is precious and doesn’t need to be wasted upon a sequel to a direct to DVD found footage film.

There are hundreds of horror films on Netflix. Most are bad, some are decent and several of them are very good. I’ve searched the depths of the horror categories and discovered some gems and total soul crushers. The following suggestions represent horror films that cover all ends of the spectrum. If you watch these five films you will witness meta-horror, cockneys battling zombies, Swedish vampires and college kids killing themselves. I’ve made sure to incorporate some humor into the bleakness so you don’t get burnt out and questioning why you listened to my suggestions.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare: 

Freddy Krueger had become a joke. A once scary nightmare machine became a one-lining stand up comedian who couldn’t garner laughs or scares. However, somewhere out of left field Wes Craven came up with New Nightmare. It played with convention and brought scary back. The film was critically respected (77% RT) and I believe it led Craven to the groundbreaking Scream.

New Nightmare only made $18 million because the series was so deflated. However, it has accrued acult following and helped create the “meta-horror” dynamic. Wes Craven had found his footing and got his edge back (Sans Vampire in Brooklyn). Roger Ebert a notorious hater of horror liked the movie and eloquently wrote about it:

“Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” dances back and forth across the line separating fantasy from reality. This is the first horror movie that is actually about the question, “Don’t you people ever think about the effect your movies have on the people who watch them?”

Ebert’s question was answered several years later as young punks slashed and quipped their way to box office glory. New Nightmare refreshed Craven and this allowed him to give another generation a screaming new nightmare.

new nightmare



Let the Right One In

This Swedish film is bleaker than bleak and beautifully made. It is an art house vampire film that captured lightning in a bottle. So many horror films are disposable and leave your memory as soon as you exit the theater. Let the Right One In will linger in your memory.

Let the right one in vampire




Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Funny, charming and gory. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are instantly likable bumpkins who think college kids are killing themselves all around them. Horror disliker Roger Ebert loved the film and I totally recommend watching it after you are done with Let the Right One In.




Cockney’s vs. Zombies

Cockneys vs. Zombies tells the age old story of east Londoners vs. zombies. It is a relaxed breath of fresh air that allows the cast to crack wise while figuring out how to kill a zombie with a metal plate in its head. CvZ is a neat entry to the zombie canon that proves soccer hooligans will still fight when they are dead.

If you are in the mood for a midnight movie featuring a slow motion chase scene between an old man and a zombie this film is for you. The film is certified fresh (71% on RT) and captures a fun tone of cheeky, violent and more cheeky.

cockney vs. zombies walker scene



Deep Blue Sea

Deepest Bluest my hat is like a shark fin! Deep Blue Sea is a miracle of awesomeness. We here at MFF love it and our readers are fans as well  (It was voted Best Worst Movie Monster). Deep Blue has one of the best surprise deaths of all time and is endlessly fun. Director Renny Harlin intentionally made the shark one foot bigger than Jaws and apparently doesn’t care about CGI.  While working at the movie theater I would sneak in for the finale and listen to the audience yell with delight. They formed a cohesive voice as they screamed for LL Cool J and Thomas Jane to kill the dastardly sharks. I love Deep Blue Sea and it has most certainly gained a massive following.   Here are 17 cool facts about the film.

Deep Blue Sea


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  1. May 14, 2015 9:14 am

    Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is highly underrated…one of my favorite ‘hidden gems’ on Netflix!

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