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That Awkward Moment in Horror, Part 2: The Taking of Deborah Logan and the “egg-swallowing snake demon” possession phenomenon

May 29, 2015


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The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) was a creepy horror mystery about Alzheimer’s disease and nosy academic researchers.  It turns out she’s not just rapidly mentally deteriorating…but rather her penchant to swallow things whole has inhibited her other daily living activities and concentration.  Just imagine…someone is trying to have a conversation with you about current events all you can think about is this…


and this…


I guess if Deborah’s caretaker had just stocked the refrigerator with strawberries, this whole child-swallowing scenario could have been avoided.

Succumbing to her desire to swallow things whole, she impulsively tries to swallow a child:


This may not appear reasonably possible, but note the egg-swallowing snake…


Like the snake, Deborah unhinges her lower jaw thus separating the lower mandibles for a wider gaping mouth…


And like the snake, she attempted to dine.


Deborah’s fixation affected her so much that doctors thought she was suffering from Alzheimer’s when, in truth, she was possessed by the spirit of an egg-eating snake.  CLEARLY!  Poor Debby was not the first in the horror genre to fall prey to such “egg-swallowing snake demon” possession.

Even Freddy Krueger suffered from this malady in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987).  In this film, we watch as Freddy struggles with the overwhelming desire to swallow things whole.  Just look here.  At any point during this swallowing scene Freddy could have chomped down and bit his victim in half or grown arms to slash her with his clawed glove.  But no…smh…he just focuses on swallowing her whole and ends up failing.


Clearly, egg-swallowing snake demon possession is now a thing in horror and humans (or they evil, dream-invading spirits) are not the only victims.  Below we find the dog from Man’s Best Friend (1993) suffering from this anaconda dining affliction.


Tiger, you will be missed.


Then in The Brothers Grimm (2005) a horse is similarly possessed and, like the voracious Deborah Logan, swallows a child whole.

the-brothers-grimm-eaten-by-a-horse-part-3 the-brothers-grimm-eaten-by-a-horse-part-4
And as if that wasn’t enough, egg-swallowing snake demon possession has transcended the animal kingdom to even afflict trees.  Case in point:


I give you the Poltergeist (1982) tree.  This is, perhaps, the first actual case of possession by an egg-swallowing snake demon.  SEE?  This is a thing, people!  And something to fear!  I wager being swallowed whole would royally suck.  I mean, you’re getting digested, possibly crushed, and all the while suffocating.  Terrible way to go.  SMH.

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