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Movies I love: Five Things That Make Goon an Amazing Film

July 8, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

Goon is one of my favorite films. It is infinity rewatchable and loaded with likable characters, bone crunching fights and a really neat romance. The book adaptation flew under the radar in 2011 and I love that it has built up an audience. It is the rare R-rated hockey enforcer comedy that is critically loved (82% RT) and adored by non-hockey fans. We here at MFF have written about it ad nauseam but with the sequel currently in production I had to write another post.

Goon 2

The Boys Are Back in Ice Town!

1. The Hebrew Dolph Lundgren

Doug Glatt Goon gif


I love the character of Doug Glatt. He is an earnest wrecking ball who realizes his limitations and enjoys being the muscle for his team. Sean William Scott’s underrated performance blends kindness, intelligence, naivety, and badass into a three-dimensional ball of muscle. There is no condescension and Jay Baruchel’s and Evan Goldberg’s writing create a likable bruiser who is in no way a bully.  He is a nice dude who has no delusions of grandeur and uses his power for good. He is the type of guy who has a wild brawl and says “Good fight. He’s a nice guy.”

When he deserves a beating he takes it, his love for corndogs is unabashed and he has no problem beating up six people at once.


2. The Relationship

Allison Pill goon gif

Sean William Scott Goon Gif Pill


Everything Alison Pil’s character Eva (It’s like the Bible with a bit more mustard on it) does is pure gold. I love her reactions and annoyance at following for the earnest bruiser. She loves that he can beat up pretty much anybody and no matter how honest she is he still adores her.

Eva: I’m a slut, Doug. I’m horny a lot. I sleep around. That doesn’t bother you?

Doug Glatt: The truth is, I just… I have a really huge crush on you.

I love that Pil’s character is in charge of her life and is accepting of it. I’ve never seen a character like hers and I hope she is back for the sequel.

Watch her reactions in this clip. Fantastic.


3. Kim Coates the Coach

Kim Coates Goon


If I played hockey and Kim Coates was my coach I would be stoked. After Sons of Anarchy it is hard to remember that Coates is a normal dude who isn’t in to some really weird stuff. Coach Ronnie Hortense commands respect and comes across as a really good dude. He is like a father figure to Doug and isn’t afraid to call him on his shit.  If you inserted him into any hockey movie I guarantee he would make that team better.


4. The Team

They are a ragtag group of alcoholics, Russians and dudes who love Percocet. I dig how they all come from opposing walks of life and are treating this team as a pit stop, last stop or something that pays their med school bills. There is a moment when Doug takes a massive beating to win a game and when the buzzer goes off his team skates out and beats the snot out of the opposing team. They start off as a motley crew and end up as a motley crew that have each other’s backs. You gotta love their introduction as well.



5. The Diner Scene

Stephen Holden of The New York Times summed up Sean William Scott’s and Leiv Schreiber’s performances perfectly with this quote:

It must be said that Mr. Scott and Mr. Schreiber convey an intelligence that belies their characters’ stupidity, a quality that is really hard to feign.

Leiv Schreiber is perfect as the foil Ross Rhea. He gets his enforcer role and has become a deeply cynical man. You can tell he loves the sport and is actually looking forward to fighting Glatt. Schreiber was perfectly cast because he exudes badass and out does Russell Crowe in the mustache department. He takes a one-note bad guy and adds three-dimensions.

I love the old school meets new school vibe of the diner scene. There is a respect and annoyance to the proceedings. The best part about the diner scene is that it is really well shot, lit and acted. I love this movie.

Kid, you got this thing. The stuff. The sh*t. The f**kin’ grit, you got it, like me. But like me, that’s all you f**kin’ got. And like me, you’re no good to anyone doing anything else. All I’m saying is don’t go trying to be a hockey player. You’ll get your f**kin’ heart ripped out.


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