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MFF Streaming Recomendations: Five Horror Films That Deserve More of an Audience

September 12, 2015

Hello all. Mark here

The world is chock full of horror films that have over performed despite the fact they are soul crushingly bad. Movies like Annabelle, The Gallows and Ouija get nationwide releases while smaller gems slip under the radar. The point of this post is highlight films that should have a larger audience in the US. They may have been popular in Korea, Canada or the UK but they’ve been criminally under watched here in the states. All five of these films are original, distinct and hit way above their weight. They create new monsters, worlds and languages. You kinda have to watch these films and you can find them all on Netflix.


Movies like Pontypool are rare because they are are told organically and are in no way reactive. They are confidently made and the point is to tell a solid story and not appeal to the lowest common denominator (jump scares!). I love that I was sitting on the edge of my seat while people talked about other people dying. The editing and fantastic cinematography capture every angle of the radio booth and the performances inside are gloriously refreshing. Pontypool did something different and that is a beautiful thing for horror lovers.

Pontypool pictures



Byzantium is chock full of dysfunctional families, Gemma Arterton chewing scenery and a waterfall that pours blood. The visuals are spectacular and you will have a hard time forgetting anything from this movie (that is a good thing).  Byzantium builds a new vampire world and actually makes it interesting! Neil Jordan (Interview With the Vampire) uses every directing trick in his book and the end product is a beautifully filmed and occasionally very bloody film.

Byzantium07 blood waterfall



Ravenous is an odd little film. Dismissed upon initial release in 1999 it has picked up a cult following that has made the recent Blu-ray release an event. The film is characterized by a quirky soundtrack, bonkers performances and the famous line “he was licking me!” It is clear to see why this film is so adored. Like most cult classics it has an off-kilter vibe that features performances with personality. I love how it subverts clichés and feels like a hybrid because of the sudden directorial shifts.  Ravenous has a personality all its own and can stand alongside films like Evil Dead, The Warriors and Donnie Darko. 

Ravenous Cannibal



Grabbers is fun, charming and rewatchable. It is a little Irish film that focuses on villagers who have to stay drunk to stay alive. The best thing about Grabbers is that it is immensely likable and doesn’t become a one-note shlock fest. It follows in the foot steps of Gremlins, Attack the Block and Tremors with its infusion of horror, comedy and oddness. You will cheer for the eventual drunk heroes as they battle ill-tempered aliens. You need to appreciate a film that features the greatest death via alien flick ever. It is pretty amazing.



The Host

I love The Host. I lived in Korea for a year and every time I went past the Han river I always checked to see if a mutated monster was causing havoc. The Host tells the age old story of a family battling a child kidnapping monster. It is bonkers, fun and very original. I love the special effects and the cast is perfect. Director Joon-ho Bong (Snowpiercer, Mother) knows how to create fun set pieces and the dynamic between the family is perfect. Kang-ho Song (Snowpiercer, Thirst, The Good, the Bad & the Weird) is one of my favorite actors and you will love every moment of him bumbling his way to victory. Watch this movie!

The Host monster

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  1. September 12, 2015 8:09 am

    All Great choices here, so many horror gems out there really

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