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The Ultimate Zombie Survivor Crew: Picking the Elite Cinematic Survivors

October 13, 2015

Ever since George Romero revolutionized the zombie film the world has been obsessed with undead mayhem. We’ve been inundated with books, comics, movies, remakes, sequels, toys, comedies, romances and spin-offs.  We’ve witnessed every variation of the undead creature and we’ve watched it be killed in thousands of squishy ways.

28 weeks later helicopter gif

The one thing I’ve found fascinating about zombie films are the survivors. I’m not sure how they did it (screenwriting I suppose) but I am impressed by their desire to not die violently. Every survivor has had a different journey and if they combined their zombie crunching skills they would be unstoppable. The following list compiles my favorite cinematic survivors. They will have zero problems when they are eventually outnumbered and left in a world without Twinkies.

Tallahassee – Zombieland

He loves Bill Murray, hates zombies and looks great in a hat. He is the loose canon with a heart of gold that every crew needs.

zombieland tallahassee gif


Kenneth – Dawn of the Dead

If a zombie outbreak happened and I saw Kenneth walking around I would follow him. He commands respect without being a jerk and still has a sense of humor. You have to appreciate a man who loses at chess so he can give the man stranded across the street something to do.

Ving Rhames Dawn of the Dead


Selena – 28 Days Later

She survived the initial outbreak of rage infested zombies! What? How? When? Awesome!  Then, she hung around and fought them. They don’t get tougher than that. Danny Boyle’s “zombies” are the scariest of all the zombies and they couldn’t get her.

28 days later Selene


Shaun – Shaun of the Dead

Every crew needs the comedic relief. Also, he does a great zombie walk and would be a laugh to drink with.

Shaun of the dead walking gif


Gerry – World War Z

He is the ultimate survivor. No other person in the history of the world has survived outbreaks, swarms, plane crashes and weird chomping zombies. Plus, he will test diseases/drugs/cures on himself to save the world.

world war z


Cherry Darling – Planet Terror

Every crew needs an unkillable stripper with a heart of gold. When most people lose a leg in a zombie wasteland they become instant zombie bait or fall into a deep depression (zero proof, but it seems imaginable). Instead of quitting Cherry strapped a gun to her leg and laid waste to the deadly creatures.

Planet Terror


Julie – Warm Bodies

Not only can she survive but she can turn zombies human again. Every crew needs a shotgun toting killer who could potentially cure the world.

Teresa Palmer gif warm bodies


David and Judy – The Crazies

Smart, resourceful and survive anything thrown at them. The Crazies is an underrated remake and David and Judy simply wouldn’t go down in all the craziness.

The Crazies


Red – Dead Snow/Dead Snow 2

He has a zombie hand that can dismember, decapitate and annihilate Nazi zombies. He can raise rival armies and has no problem sprinting head long into chaos. You need that.

Dead Snow 2 team


Lionel – Dead Alive

Lionel kills dozens of zombies with a lawnmower. Need I say more?

Dead Alive Lawnmower

What zombie survivors would you pick? Let me know. Comment!

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