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The MFF Podcast #31: A Scream on Elm Street

October 17, 2015


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Scream 2 Jamie Kennedy

SUMMARY:  This week the MFF crew discusses the Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, the best season for horror movies, and the best horror sequels and franchises!


We also answer such important questions as…

“Would a Sith Lord with a crotch blaster (think Tom Savini of From Dusk ’til Dawn) have an advantage?”
“How do we use Return on Investment to judge a horror franchise?”
“What is the best time of year for horror movies?”
“Why is Michael Myers’ mask called The Shape?”
“Why was Ghostface so clumsy?”


Sit back, relax and listen to three guys discuss the legacy of Wes Craven.

You can listen to the pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over Itunes so you can download, rate, review and share. Thanks!


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