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2015 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE for Movie Fans: Aliens edition

December 1, 2015

If you’ve ever listened to the Movies, Films and Flix Podcast, then you are well aware of our love for the Alien franchise.  And with Christmas right around the corner, we figured some of you listeners and readers might want a hand with some gift ideas.  In this article you’ll find several gift ideas ranging from Funko Vinyl Pop Figures, unofficial Lego toys and clothing to various random stocking stuffers like and random toys.  Just click the product name and go right to the vendor’s website to view and buy.  And no, we don’t get a cut of the sales–we are doing this because we love Alien movies, we love Alien movie fans, and we want to get Alien movie stuff into your hands.  So buy from them from the linked vendors or simply search on Amazon.  We want to give you ideas and make your gifts matter!

Also check out the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE for Movie Fans: Big Trouble in Little China edition.


After all, we understand how frustrating Christmas shopping can be.

So all you fans of the Alien franchise (1979-present) need look no further!  If you are a fan yourself or simply need to find a Christmas gift for such a fan we have your shortcut right here…

1.  Life Size Xenomorph Egg — complete with its own eerie lighting and life size facehugger!  from @NECA_TOYS


2. Carton of 6 Xenomorph Eggs, with Facehuggers from @NECA_TOYS

800x-Alien_EggCartonOpenView 1300x-Alien_EggCarton_3QuarterCarton-398x300

3.  Alien Xenomorph Scalers from @NECA_TOYS


4. Alien Facehugger Plush and Chestburster Lifesize Plush (Set Of 2)


5. Xenomorph Alien Face Hugger Ski Mask from @Etsy


6. Handmade I ❤ Aliens Chestburster Necklace from @Etsy


7. Alien Facehugger Cat Toy from @Etsy


8. Free Facehugger Hugs (Tank Top)   


9. Facehugger Glass Straw from @Etsy


10. Kubrick Alien Mini Figure Kane Facehugger Patient and Kubrick Alien Mini Figure


11. Baby Onesie  from @Etsy


12. Alien Face Hugger 3D Printed IPhone case from @Etsy


13. Throw Pillows  

[You need to visit the website to see the images, but they’re COOL!!! You won’t see it right away on the website…so try clicking on the out-of-view pillow at the top of the screen.  I have included the “least” interesting pillow.  Search the website, they have at least three totally different designs.]


14. Alien Chopstick Face Hugger   


15. Alien Vinyl Figure by Funko


16. Weyland Yutani Corp 2 Tone Hoodie Inspired by Aliens 1986


17. Alien Evolution Egg Facehugger Sci-Fi Movie Cool Art 30×20 Framed Canvas Print  



If you found this helpful, please also check out the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE for Movie Fans: Big Trouble in Little China edition.


Are the gift ideas forming???


We, here at MFF, hope to have made your Christmas shopping a little easier this year.  Stay tuned for more Christmas gift shopping advice…

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  1. December 3, 2015 12:39 am

    Why is 90% of the list Facehuggers? I want Xenomorphs.

    • John Leavengood permalink
      December 3, 2015 8:45 am

      Honestly, it’s just so easy to find xenomorph stuff. All sorts of shirts, posters and action figures all over the place. I wanted to cover the things that I “don’t” see advertised or for sale all over the internet. Turns out, they were mostly facehugger things.

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