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The MFF Podcast #39: The Great Cinematic Character Trade

December 14, 2015

Great news! Blog Talk Radio, Sharkdropper and MFF have teamed up to form the perfect movie podcast. Now, you can stream the pods on the BTR website or download from Itunes.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Marv and Harry from Home Alone were traded for Pulp Fiction’s Jules and Vincent? We here at MFF have pondered this swap and we’ve also wondered about many other characters journeying into other films. In this pod you will be transported to a world where Gail and John from Pitch Perfect narrate the fights from Bloodsport. 


I would love to hear their commentary.

As  always we answer random questions and that cover It Follows, turning into a yeti and that furry monster from Big Trouble in Little China. You will love the answers.

Sit back, relax and listen to what w0uld happen if John Cusack from Grosse PointeBlank inhabited the Tim Burton Batman land. Check out the MFF pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over to Itunes and listen to the randomness!

If you get a chance please REVIEW, RATE and SHARE the pod!

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