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The Movies, Films and Flix Podcast #54: “Vs.” Movies That Need to Happen

April 15, 2016


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The MFF podcast is back and we are talking about random “vs.” movies. In honor of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we put together some incredibly random films that pit incredibly random characters against each other. Here are a few of the fights you will be hearing about.

Hannibal Lecter vs. Superman – The guy would love to eat an alien.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Pizza the Hut (Spaceballs) – Would the turtles eat Pizza the Hut?

Aron Ralston (127 Hours) vs. The Zombies from Night of the Living Dead – Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse.



As always, we answer random questions, and ponder if Gremlins could defeat Ewoks (too close to call). Sit back, relax and listen to a whole lot of randomness!

You can stream the pod on Blog Talk Radio or download it from Itunes. If you get a chance please rate the review the pod. You are awesome!

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