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The Nice Guys: A Breezy Buddy-Cop Movie That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

May 26, 2016

Nice Guys

The Nice Guys is a fantastic buddy film that is heavy on laughs, blood and more laughs. I enjoyed every second of the madcap mayhem and buddy shenanigans. Director/writer Shane Black is a comedic force of nature who understands that great characters trump all, and his films always ring true because of this. The Nice Guys may not reach the wonderful heights of Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Lethal Weapon, but it is a lot of fun and I hope it gets a sequel.

Director/Shane Black burst onto the scene back in 1987 when he wrote the script for Lethal Weapon. Since then, he has been an important force of nature in Hollywood. Whether he is writing or directing, his movies have a unique personality and always give people like me something to write about. With The Nice Guys he is back doing what he does best. He is telling a story about a private detective who teams up with an enforcer and they solve a crime. The Nice Guys is Shane Black 101, but I love that class.

What makes The Nice Guys work is the chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Buddy-comedies live and die on the strength of the the core duos chemistry and the two actors seem to be having a blast (or they are really good actors).

Ryan Gosling proved he had comedic chops in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and his performance in The Nice Guys reinforces that fact. Gosling’s character Holland March is a terrible detective who has no sense of smell and is always drunk.  Gosling is at his best when he is reacting to the insanity around him. His reactions range from confused to flabbergasted and he is an endless source of entertainment. You will love the relationship he has with his daughter and appreciate the all-in performance.



I was worried when I watched The Nice Guys trailer because I’ve never bought Russell Crowe as a schlub. I 100% believe that he could be a gladiator but I don’t buy him as an everyday dude who can’t punch his way out of any situation. In The Nice Guys, Crowe’s character Jackson Healy is a perfect combination of out of shape schlub and powerhouse. I love that Healy is a decent guy who only wants to drink Yoo-hoo and beat people up for money. You will love this different side of Russell Crowe.

The Nice Guys is a breezy film that will leave a smile on your face. If you are into buddy-cop films that revolve around murder, alcohol and one-liners you will love this film. If you haven’t watched Shane Black’s other films I totally recommend you check out Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Last Boy Scout.

I will leave you with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in therapy.

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  1. May 26, 2016 11:22 am

    I am looking forward to this. Comes out later in the Uk for some reason 😦
    Love the unusual casting for the roles 😀
    Good review.

  2. May 26, 2016 2:19 pm

    Nice review. It’s so much fun that even if there are issues with it, I was able to look past them.


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