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MFF Special: Analyzing the Critical Scores of Marvel and DC Films

August 3, 2016

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

DC fans want their superheroes to fight the critics.

With news that Suicide Squad is getting pummeled by critics (35% RT) I decided to take a closer look at DC critical scores on Rotten Tomatoes. While researching I read an article on Collider that discussed a DC fan petition to end Rotten Tomatoes because of their Marvel bias. So, I collected all of the Marvel and DC critical scores and averaged them out. The results proved to be anticlimactic.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-2016) movies have an 82% critical rating while the Nolan/Snyder DC Extended Universe (2005-2016) movies have a 69.4% average (both are considered fresh). However, if you took out the Nolan Batman films the DCEU average drops to 38.3%. I think keeping in the Nolan critic scores are important because it shows that critics don’t exclusively have it out for DC. When looking at the average RT critical scores of all the Marvel/DC films the averages are 60.2% for Marvel and 52.9% for DC. The gap isn’t too extreme and proves that both DC and Marvel have made some amazing and amazingly bad superhero films.

The news of the petition by overbearing fanboys isn’t totally surprising because people lost their minds when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got destroyed by critics. Thus, news that critics don’t like the heavily promoted Suicide Squad has been enough to re-enrage DC films. The problem is that a problem doesn’t really exist. The critical gap isn’t that extreme but the EXTREMELY dedicated DC fans are taking the bad reviews as an affront to their decency. If you look at the views of all the San Diego Comic Con trailers DC has over 51 million views while the other eight trailers have 43 million views. Thus, DC has an incredibly passionate fan base who are mad about basically nothing.

I can’t wait to watch Gal Gadot do her thing in Wonder Woman.

Instead of placing their anger at critics (who they say don’t matter) they should be annoyed at DC. The DC world is expanding too fast and trying to build a world that Marvel created over 13 films. In DC’s haste they are overloading their films and they are close to capsizing due to excessive bulk. It’s fine that critics and audiences disagree. However, before getting annoyed at critics make sure to search out the facts.

Regardless of the RT rating of Suicide Squad I guarantee it will pull in tons of money (including mine) and sell millions in merchandise. Check out our podcast review of Suicide Squad next week!


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