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MFF Streaming Recommendations: 10 Films to Watch in November

November 1, 2016

Hello all. Mark here.

There are way too many options in the streaming world. Between movies, television shows and documentaries you could spend hours trying to pick the perfect film. In an effort to save you some time I searched through the streaming sites and picked out 10 films you can stream in November. The 10 are an eclectic bunch that all offer something awesome, iconic and weird. You can find films on HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Insidious: Chapter 3 (HBO Now – 11/01)

Insidious: Chapter 3 is by no means a horror classic or future staple of the genre. However, it knows what it is and provides some big scares and truly memorable moments (crunchy leg walking!!!). I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if the James Wan-less prequel would be any good, but my trepidation faded quickly as Elise, Tucker and Specs battled a truly menacing spirit. I love Elise and I think she is remarkable in a day and age of lithe heroes and young horror fodder. It makes me happy knowing that veteran actor Lin Shaye finally found a great character to build a franchise around.


Matchstick Men (HBO Now – 11/01)

Nicolas Cage + Sam Rockwell + Alison Lohman + Ridley Scott = Awesome. If you need a reminder that Nicolas Cage is a great actor I totally recommend you check out this neat caper flick.


Being There (HBO Now – 11/01)

Being There is one of the greatest comedies ever made and features a beautifully confusing and inspired ending shot. Peter Sellers performance as Chance the Gardener is perfectly calibrated and I love his ascent through Washington politics. If you are looking for a relevant, hilarious and original comedy it doesn’t get any better than Being There.


Top Secret! (Amazon Prime – 11/01)

Top Secret! might be one of the most underappreciated comedies of all time (almost hyperbole). It is endlessly inventive, always funny and features a skeet surfing music video (amazing!). Directors Jim Abrahams and David Zucker (Naked Gun, Airplane!, Hot Shots!) are maniacs and between Airplane!, Top Secret! The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, Hot Shots!, Hot Shots! Part Deux and Mafia! they loved exclamation marks.


Ravenous (Netflix – 11/01)

Ravenous is an odd little film. Dismissed upon initial release in 1999 it has picked up a cult following that has made the recent Blu-ray release an event. The film is characterized by a quirky soundtrack, bonkers performances and the famous line “he was licking me!” It is clear to see why this film is so adored. Like most cult classics it has an off-kilter vibe that features performances with personality. I love how it subverts clichés and feels like a hybrid because of the sudden directorial shifts.  Ravenous has a personality all its own and can stand alongside films like Evil Dead, The Warriors and Donnie Darko.


Election (Hulu – 11/01)

Reese Witherspoon owns Election and her performance as the super driven Tracy Flick is a marvel to behold. Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt) knows how to get the best out his actors and I love how he was able to capitalize on Chris Klein’s inherent earnestness. Election is cinema at its best and you should check it out.


Green Room (Amazon Prime – 11/05 – 11/15)

Green Room is the best thriller of 2016 (so far) and it proves that director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin) is an amazing director. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I love how Saulnier makes violence look so ugly and realistic. Nothing is glorified and you will find yourself incredibly nervous for the trapped punk band. Also, Patrick Stewart is awesome as the Neo-Nazi leader because he looks like your nice uncle but he would kill you without a thought.


Creed (Amazon Prime/Hulu – 11/17 – 11/30)

Creed is an exciting film that gave Michael B. Jordan a showcase role and brilliantly extended the Rocky world. I love the idea of Rocky training Apollo Creed’s son because it just feels organic and natural. Creed isn’t forced and I can’t wait to see who Adonis fights next.


Eddie the Eagle (HBO Now – 11/18 – 11/22)

Eddie the Eagle is a blast of pure joy that wears its heart on its sleeve and features some great ski jumping. I left the theater with a smile on my face and the feeling that the true story it was based on was done justice. If you want to see Hugh Jackman play someone other than Wolverine you can’t go wrong with Eddie the Eagle. My only gripe about the movie is that Jackman play the world’s most fit alcoholic. I understand that he couldn’t go method and they needed his star power, but I’d of loved to see someone like Thomas Haden Church play the coach.


Boyhood (Netflix – 11/22)

Ethan Hawke called Boyhood “Timelapse photography of a human being.” This film directed by Richard Linklater was 12 years in the making and proves to be a beautiful experiment that combines the best of Linklater’s previous films. Boyhood is an incredible experience full of depth, intelligence and wonderful conversations.


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