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The MFF Podcast #82: Mister Doctor and the Strange Ones

December 22, 2016


Hello all. Mark here.

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The MFF podcast is back and we are talking about Mister Doctor (AKA Doctor Strange). Marvel has done it again, and I appreciate that they’ve successfully made a movie about a jerky doctor who becomes a slightly less jerky magician. I absolutely love the movie and I think it might be my second favorite Marvel film behind Iron Man. Benedict Cumberbatch owns every second that he is onscreen and I wish Tilda Swinton trained me to battle an angry Mads Mikkelsen. We had a great time recording the pod and discussing whether Beyonce Wong or Adele Wong is the better name.

Who am I to judge?

As always we answer random questions and discuss whether or not Dr. Strange uses magic to shave.  It is a magical 85-minutes that will change your perception of reality (probably not) and hopefully motivate you to move to Nepal in search of becoming Benedict Cumberbatch.

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