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The Insidious Six: A Collection of Villainous Rogues

August 4, 2017

I love a good bad guy because they add a real threat and prove themselves to be more than a punching bag. A good villain challenges the hero and comes across as a three-dimensional evil person who hurts other people for a reason. I really liked Michael Keaton’s Vulture character in Spider-Man: Homecoming so I decided I would come up with a variation of the villainous Sinister Six. I researched my favorite films and came up with the Insidious Six. This grouping of villains would defeat Thanos, smoosh Spider-Man and make fun of Captain Marvel.

Here is the MFF Insidious Six!

Mr. Glass – Unbreakable

Role: The Brains

Mr. Glass is my favorite supervillain and I love his backstory. He is convinced there are superheroes because of his disability (bones that break easily), so he sets about murdering thousands of people to maybe find one person who can survive certain death. Samuel L. Jackson crushed the role and I’d love to see him back with the haircut and all. He would be the perfect leader for a murderous band of rogues.


Incredibly Smart Shark – Deep Blue Sea

Role: Right Hand Man

There are multiple sharks in Deep Blue Sea but I’m going with the big boss shark. The one who survived until the end and orchestrated bringing down an entire facility. The shark executed a plan to perfection and herded somewhat intelligent human beings to their doom. I guarantee that this shark would never let Mr. Glass down and would heed his every word. Check out the breakdown I did of the shark executing a plan to perfection.


The Red Lipstick Demon –  Insidious

Role: Locksmith

The Red Lipstick Demon is a nightmare creation who can enter any building because of his knowledge of The Further. Do you need him in a bank vault? He can do it. Do you need him in a nuclear facility? He can do it. An added bonus is he scares the crap out of anyone who comes across him and I’m pretty certain everyone would run away from him. If I was a part time security guard and he popped up in front of me, I would sprint away and let him have whatever he wants.


Danica Talos – Blade: Trinity 

Role: Bankroll

Parker Posey crushed it in Blade: Trinty and I’d love to see her interact with the creatures on the list. She is super rich, knows how to find Dracula and has no problem kicking her assistants in the face (necessary for evil bosses). If you need to bankroll a heist or criminal activity she would have no problem dropping some cash because for some reason old vampires are always rich.

Parker Posey stole every scene in Blade: Trinity.

Trantor the Troll – Ernest Scared Stupid

Role: Muscle

Every team needs muscle and Trantor is exactly that. The guy can pull trucks, lift heavy things and scare the crap out of people. The biggest problem is he can’t really go out in public. However, his limited appearances will make his evil reputation better because you don’t want to see him. When Trantor is strutting your way I’d suggest you run because whatever happens next will hurt a lot.


Michael Myers – Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Version

Role: Wheelman

What I love about Michael Myers in Halloween H20 is how he was able to make a cross country journey with no driver’s license, money or social skills (read the breakdown). The trip proved he could stay under the radar and complete a long journey with ease. If you are looking for a wheelman who won’t get pulled over he would be perfect. I’d actually love to see him battle Baby from Baby Driver. That would be crazy!

Dude Drove a long way!

Honorable mentions:

  1. Scarecrow – Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises
  2. The other two sharks from Deep Blue Sea


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