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The MFF Podcast #117: Event Horizon, Hellraiser in Space, and wrestling Graboids

February 9, 2018


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SUMMARY: This week we discuss Paul W. S. Anderson’s sci-horror Event Horizon (1997), the behind-the-scenes components that made it such a visually tantalizing spectacle, and muse the origins of the evil possessing the vessel.  During our journey we take time to assess Sam Neill’s physique, obsessions with haunted ships, a man’s ability to out-grapple a Tremors (1990) graboid, and how this film did “Hellraiser in Space” better than Hellraiser did “Hellraiser in Space” (i.e., Bloodline).

If you enjoy discussions about deep space voyages-gone-wrong, check out Episode 96: The Perils of Space Travel.

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