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Accident Man: A Fun Action-Comedy That Features Scott Adkins Best Performance Yet

February 17, 2018


Accident Man is a very fun action-comedy that features legit brawls and Scott Adkins best performance yet. It helps that he adapted the screenplay from a popular comic book and brought in other big names like Ray Stevenson, Michael Jai White, Ray Park and David Paymer to act alongside. Adkins is best known for his amazing fight choreography in independent action movies and you might’ve seen him in supporting roles in larger films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine,  Dr. Strange, and American Assassin. It makes me happy that he is fine-tuning his acting skills while perfecting his face kicking craft.


Accident Man revolves around a hitman named Mike Fallon (Adkins) who earns his money by making his hits look like accidents. The dude is highly effective and only sees his victims as ways to buy himself more motorcycles and sweet leather jackets. He is part of a hitman collective that is run by Big Ray (Ray Stevenson – always good) and features various murderers like Mick & Mac (Michael Jai White, Ray Park), Jane the Ripper (Amy Johnston), Carnage Cliff (Ross O’Hennessy), Poison Pete (Stephen Donald) and Finicky Fred (Perry Benson). They all convene at a private watering hole called The Oasis where they drink, talk smack and learn about their next kills.

Things start going south when Mike is tasked by accountant Milton (David Paymer) to pick up the money from his latest hit. During the pickup, he is almost killed and things start to unravel from there as he also learns his ex-girlfriend was murdered by one of his hitmen buddies. This leads to a lot of drama because if Mike pursues the killers it means he will be out of The Oasis and have a hit order placed on his head. Things go predictably bad and we treated to showstopping brawls and a fun flashback that makes me wish that Ray Stevenson was in more movies. Check out the trailer to get a feel for the tone.


I like that Scott Adkins went out of his comfort zone and took on a dialogue-heavy role that is reminiscent of Jason Statham in movies like Snatch or The Bank Job. He has already proved his physical prowess in movies like Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Boyka: Undisputed, Get the Gringo, and Hard Target 2, so it’s cool watching Adkins switch spin kicks for monologues. His hands are all over The Accident Man and I appreciate that he wrote, produced and brought in actors that could push him physically and help him be more comfortable when delivering dialogue. Accident Man proves that Scott Adkins is always looking to improve and I hope his brand of action becomes popular with the mainstream and we are able to get some huge Adkins action spectaculars in the future.

If you are a fan of Scott Adkins you need to check out Accident Man.






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