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Blade of the Immortal: A Very Fun Film That Features Blood, Battles and More Blood

March 4, 2018


Based on the popular Japanese Manga series and directed by Takashi Miike (his 100th film) Blade of the Immortal is an epic experience that starts with a massive sword battle and ends with another massive sword battle. Words can’t describe all the carnage inflicted and that is a testament to Takashi Miike who throughout his 100 film career has learned to direct on a massive scale while still creating likable characters and non-repetitive slaughter. His 2010 movie 13 Assassins is one of my favorite action movies because it takes a stock concept (13 against many) and finds ways to keep you invested with its likable characters, horrible villain and a finale that leaves you breathless. He does the same with Blade of the Immortal and I love how he is able to blend immortality, limb loss, revenge, political intrigue, mysticism and epic battles into a cohesive two-hour film.

Blade of the Immortal revolves around a samurai named Manji (Takuya Kimura) who receives immortality after wiping out about 100 ronin who are looking for a bounty on his head. The huge battle left him only one eye and a lot less blood, but he is “saved” by a mystical nun who grants him immortality via sacred bloodworms that keep him young and repair his wounds. The movie then fast-forwards to 50 years later and focuses on a renegade group called Itto-ryu lead by a badass named Kagehisa Anotsu (Sota Fukushi) attacking a fencing school and killing everyone in it except for a young girl named Rin Asano (Hana Sugisaki). Rin vows revenge and teams up with Manji in a quest to become a warrior and take out the Itto-ryu.


My favorite moments in Blade of the Immortal feature Manji engaging in one-on-one combat with members of the Itto-ryu after he becomes Rin’s bodyguard. Each of the encounters are different and the movie starts to feel like a video game where the bosses keep getting tougher-and-tougher. Manji has to make his way through a guy with decapitated heads on his shoulders, a badass female samurai and an immortal who is older than he is. Throw in several other cool-looking killers and an army at the end and you have enough blood and violence to satiate you until the next Takashi Miike film. There is a bit of carnage fatigue and there are so only so many henchmen that can be murdered before tedium sets in, but I was never bored and the experience left me happy and wanting to watch 13 Assassins again.

If you are looking for a fantastic action film that features lots of carnage and cool characters you should check out Blade of the Immortal.

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