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MFF Special: We Wrote About Creature Features for Rotten Tomatoes

April 6, 2018


We here at MFF love creature features and we’ve spent a lot of time writing and podcasting about them (listen to our sea beast podcast). That is why I (Mark) would like to share an article that I wrote for Rotten Tomatoes that focuses on monster screen time and Tomatometer scores. I pulled together 36 films and figured out how many minutes their creatures were onscreen and when they were fully introduced to the world. Then, I examined their Tomatometer scores and came up with some results that focus on the 36 movies in the dataset (they will change your life).

Grabbers is in the dataset!

I had a lot of fun revisiting movies like King Kong (1933), Alien, Eight-Legged Freaks, Deep Rising, Bubba Ho-Tep and The Thing, and now my brain is loaded with creature feature data that I can share with the world (whether they like it or not)

Check out the post! Hopefully, you enjoy.

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