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Forget Dinosaur Soldiers, Here are 10 Movie Monsters the Military Should Use for Military Operations

June 22, 2018

The idea behind the military folks in Jurassic World wanting to turn dinosaurs into super-soldiers never sat right with me. The amount of money, time, research, development and resources needed would cost in the billions and the result would be unpredictable. Why not train more soldiers or build nanotechnology to infiltrate enemies lairs? Why would a tiny
velociraptor be better than a spy satellite? Despite it being a horrible plan, I still love the idea of militarized movie monsters, so I’ve come up with 10 movie monsters who would be better soldiers than the dinosaurs in Jurassic World.

Let us know which monsters you’d love to see on a military mission.

1. Gremlins – Gremlins

I 100% guarantee the military would regret unleashing Gremlins on their foes because it would result in a deadly apocalypse. All it would take is a tiny rainstorm to transform the small unit into a world killing amount of intelligent monsters who would keep spawning until there is nothing left. The world would be over, but the military operation would be a success.

It would be the end of the world if it rained on a crew of Gremlins.

2. Graboids – Tremors

If the military could train a Graboid to run underground missions that destroy pipelines and bunkers it be would game-over for their foes. We already they are smart and can plow through any type of terrain, so it isn’t far-fetched that they could become military contractors.

Death from below.

3. Penguins – Batman Returns

I think they are adorable and it would really confuse villains when they see hundreds of armed penguins slowly approaching them. I guarantee nobody would expect a surprise attack via penguin and an added bonus is they could be released far from their targets because they have no problem marching for long distances.

Adorable and deadly.

4. Smart Sharks – Deep Blue Sea

The sharks took out a sea laboratory by themselves, so I don’t see them having any problems with submarines, boats or coastal ports. They already know how to work as a team and it really wouldn’t take much to get them trained and ready to go.

The sharks are great at sneak attacks.

5. Tribbles – Star Trek

I know they are from a television show but a Tribble invasion would be very easy to set up. All you have to do is dump a few of them on enemy territory and give them a few days to totally overpopulate the place. It would be a slow and terrible invasion.

Just drop them and wait.

6. Xenomorphs – Alien

This would be the most unpleasant option of the 10 because trained Xenomorphs are a high risk, high reward option when it comes to military options. They would wreck havoc on enemies, but the majority of the people training and arming them would die too.

The Xenomorphs are nightmare creations

7. Mist Monsters – The Mist

If the military could control the mist the creatures travel in it would be a crazy effective weapon. However, the book/movie proves they can’t control it, so it would be another high risk, high reward option. The Mist monsters would be absolutely terrifying for opponents, but who knows if they would actually do what they are told because we all know Mist monsters are flaky (no proof of this).

These monsters are nightmare creations

8. Crites – Critters

The Crites are dangerous criminals who eat people and don’t care about the law. They also lay a lot of eggs and are almost impossible to exterminate after they are let loose. This makes them perfect for military operations but terrible for everyone else.

You need to watch this clip

9. The Merman – Cabin in the Woods

I’m not sure how successful the Merman would be, but I know he would try really hard to accomplish his mission. We here at MFF love the Merman and have tracked his movements and even declared him the winner of our sea beast tournament (listen to the podcast). Just give The Merman a tiny unimportant mission and we guarantee he’ll accomplish it.

The Merman will get its prey at all costs.

10. Psychic Shark – Jaws: The Revenge

This shark is a combination of the It Follows monster and the sharks from Deep Blue Sea. It is smart, vengeful and always knows where to go to kill its prey. The best part about this shark is how it always sticks to the mission and has a one-track mind for success. I’m pretty sure it will never abandon a mission and will swim massive lengths to attack its foes.

The shark planned this…

Which movie monsters would you pick? Let us know in the comments

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