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MFF Sea Beast Week: How Long Did it Take Luke Skywalker to Be Comfortable Enough to Milk the Sea Sow in ‘The Last Jedi’

July 22, 2018

Dude went out of his way to be gross.

Do you ever wonder how long it took Luke to feel comfortable enough to milk the Thala-siren (sea sow) in The Last Jedi? He spent years on Ahch-To and I don’t think he immediately thought about climbing down a steep incline and approaching a large sea beast in order to milk it. I’m thinking he arrived at the island in a state of despair, and the island Caretakers watched over him for a couple weeks before they got tired of his moping and told him to start feeding himself. This lead to his daily milking, fishing and moping routine that we saw in The Last Jedi.

Here is the most likely incorrect timeline:

The Caretakers Initially Gave Him Milk and Food (Two Weeks)

Luke probably arrived at the island in a state of despair and was in no condition to feed himself. So, the kindly caretakers went out of their way to feed the guy who might-or-might be the last Jedi. However, his moping got old (like his A New Hope whining) and the normally patient caretakers gave him a tour of the island and showed him the best fishing spots and told him not to swim in the water because of the massive sea monsters. During this time, they had Luke watch them milk the sea sow (his reactions was similar to Rey’s). I’m guessing that since the creature had probably never seen a human before there was some trepidation — which meant Luke had to stay 20-feet from the milking, so he didn’t make the creature nervous.

Luke Would Visit the Sea Sow To Familiarize Himself With the Creature (One Week)

I’d imagine it would be difficult to walk up to a massive sea sow and immediately start pumping its milk. That is why Luke fished around the area where it sunned itself and became a familiar presence to the groups of Thala-sirens. I’m not sure how smart they are, but The Last Jedi proves they are quite relaxed, and I’d imagine after a week of constantly having Luke in their presence they knew he wasn’t a threat. Luke probably could’ve made the move earlier, but he needed extra time to wrap his head around milking an aquatic sea beast.

The Sea Sow seems super chill

The First Milking Session Was Very Awkard and Lasted Longer Than Expected (3 Days)

Eventually, Luke worked up his courage and decided he would milk the Sea Sow. However, when he went down to the cliffs the creature wasn’t there, so he had to make the long hike back to his hut without milk. The next day, Luke went down to the water and slowly approached the Sea Sow so he could work up the courage to milk it. It’s kind of absurd how a guy who blew up a Deathstar would be worried about milking a sea creature, but you try doing the same thing to a massive animal and not being a little weirded out by it. Like most things in this world, the situation was more awkward than it needed to be, because Luke had to get a feel for the milking. The job was done in about 10 minutes, and it got easier as Luke kept the routine going throughout the years.

Total Time: 23 Days: This may sound excessive, but I feel like he needed the extra time to build up the courage and do things for himself.

How long do you think it would’ve taken? Let us know in the comments.

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