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Tau: A Breezy Science Fiction Film That is Worth a Watch on Netflix

August 13, 2018


Netflix’s Tau is a fun science fiction B-movie that tells the story of a well-dressed woman playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a morally-bankrupt tech billionaire and his AI creation Tau (voiced by Gary Oldman). Director Federico D’Alessandro hides the tiny budget well and creates a claustrophobic vibe inside a tech-heavy mansion that is home to Tau and it’s deadly robot named Aries.  D’Alessandro is mostly known for his storyboarding and animatics supervision on massive blockbusters like Dr. Strange and Captain America: Winter Soldier, and here he is able to draw out a breezy story that takes place mostly inside a single location and give actress Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest, Hot Summer Nights) another opportunity to shine. The script by Noga Landau (Watch the other show she writes The Magicians now!) plays refreshingly straightforward and you will find yourself enjoying the twists and turns this 90+ minute movie features.

Maika does a great job talking to a wall that will eventually be voiced by Gary Oldman.

Tau starts off in a sleazy club where a young woman named Julia (Monroe) is stealing from drunk patrons and selling the stolen goods at various pawn shops. She is doing this so she can attend an arts school (this proves she isn’t just a thief), and from the look of her savings, she is close to leaving the shady world behind. However, a hooded figure enters her apartment, knocks her out and takes her back to a massive mansion in an undisclosed location. When she wakes up, she learns the shadowy figure is tech-billionaire named Alex (Ed Skrein) who is using her, and two others as guinea pigs to gain insight into neural activity. The problem is the research takes a toll on the captives and this forces Julia to plot an escape from the house before her brain is turned to mush.  She eventually blows up the lab, but her escape is thwarted when Tau and Aries kill the other two captives and leave her to be the sole research participant. The good news is the research methods become less torturous, and instead focus on Julia solving riddles that track her brainwaves.

The rest of the film features Julia forming a bond with Tau while she tries to escape. Alex never considers her to be an escape threat (he is way too smug), so he allows her to work with Tau which leads to some interesting plot developments that showcase Gary Oldman’s AI voice, more tailored clothes and a unique ending.


If you are looking for a fun movie that breezes by and features a solid performance from Maika Monroe you should check out Tau.



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