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Unfriended: Dark Web: An Intense Horror Film That Stays With You

December 31, 2018


Unfriended: Dark Web is one of the most pleasant surprises of 2018 and ranks among the best horror films of this year as well. I am a fan of the original Unfriended (MFF podcast here) and I liked how it used it’s claustrophobic setting to tell a nasty little story involving revenge, death by ghost and Skype. If you are looking for a sequel that improves upon the concept of its predecessor I totally recommend Unfriended: Dark Web.

The story revolves the deadly consequences that follow a guy named Matias (Colin Woodell) after he steals a computer and uses it during an online game night comprised of college friends who have moved around the world after graduating. He stole the computer because his was getting old and doesn’t have enough memory for a sign language app that he “uses” to communicate with his girlfriend Amaya (Stephanie Nogueras). The computer is home to some very bleak material from the “dark web,” and its owner goes to extreme lengths to make sure its contents aren’t seen.

What I like most about Unfriended: Dark Web is how it features likable characters being wiped out without remorse or mercy. They aren’t unlikable characters who have been created so audiences can cheer when they die (which I’ve always found weird). They have a surprising amount of personality and a lot of credit needs to go to the young actors Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse and Andrew Lees who do a great job expressing fear/confusion while looking at computer screens.


I haven’t been able to shake this film and I applaud director Stephen Susco for plowing forward without irony and embracing the bonkers notion of an incredibly organized grouping of “dark webbers” who are everywhere at any moment. I also found the relationship between Matias and Amaya surprisingly touching, and as things started going to hell, I became worried about their fates and the end result left me shook up. I never could’ve predicted my reaction to this movie and that is a compliment to everyone involved in Unfriended: Dark Web.

If you get a chance make sure to listen to our podcast about the best horror films of 2018.

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  1. December 31, 2018 11:32 am

    Absolutely LOVED this movie. One of the best this year. First Unfriended was fine, a little gimmicky, but this one was a vast improvement. I’m becoming a fan of these “screengrab movies” popping up everywhere. Had a chance to see Searching from this year? John Cho movie. Also all done from one screen and it’s fantastic.

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