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The 10 Best Tie Fights of Cinema: A Collection of People in Suits Fighting

May 24, 2019


In honor of the success of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, we’ve decided to put together a list of well-dressed people fighting.  We love the intense brawls in the John Wick world and appreciate how Keanu Reeves destroyed hundreds of henchmen while looking awesome in bullet-proof suits.


What is the criteria? The only rule is that at least one person has to be wearing a suit and tie during the fight. It doesn’t matter if the suits are worn by the progatonist(s) or the antagonist(s), and it’s totally cool if the tie comes off during the fight. Basically, the scene needed only one tie and two people brawling.

Train Fight – From Russia With Love

This list could’ve been made up entirely of fights from James Bond movies, however, in an effort to shake things up I only picked one fight. The decision was easy, I had to pick the Bond (Sean Connery) vs. Red Grant (Robert Shaw) fight aboard the train in From Russia With Love. It is a close-quartered brawl that leaves Bond dripping with sweat and blood after he defeats the well-matched Red. This fight set the standard for all Bond fights to come, and it might be my favorite Bond fight ever (aside from the beautiful Skyfall brawl)


Neo vs. Agent Smith – The Matrix

Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) is one of the best dressed villains ever, and I love how he is never without his tailored suit. The subway fight in The Matrix was an absolute game changer, and I love the supersonic punching, concrete destruction (via fists) and look on Smith’s face when his glasses are broken by a well placed Neo (Keanu Reeves) punch. This fight will never get old, and I loved watching it again for this piece.


The Brutal Bathroom Fight – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

What makes this fight works so well is how it uses every inch of the bathroom and features Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill getting the crap beat out of them. You’d think since they’re such big stars, they wouldn’t be cool with getting destroyed by the awesome henchman (Liang Yang needs more work!). However, they let him come across as an absolute badass who gives them all they can handle. If you are looking for one of the best fights in recent memory, you should watch this fight.


Hugh vs. Colin – Bridget Jones Diary

This isn’t a “good” fight. However, it is a very fun fight featuring two men who don’t know how to fight. The fight between Daniel (Hugh Grant) and Mark (Colin Firth) is refreshing because of the escalating violence and terrified looks on their men’s faces. Also, I love that after Firth throws the first punch, Hugh says “F**k me that hurt!” Sounds about right!


Anchor Fight – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The news anchors don’t look as suave as James Bond or John Wick, but they look great while fighting each other. It’s insane how several people die (trident!) during the course of the melee, and it makes me wonder if Brick (Steve Carell) is able to conjure items out of thin air. What makes this fight work so well is how it escalates quickly and isn’t afraid to bring in horses, large nets and grenades to make people laugh.


Bar Brawls and Manners: Kingsman: The Secret Service

What I love about this fight is how it establishes Harry Hart (Colin Firth) as a dapper badass who is all about manners AND fisticuffs. Also, The Kingsman are all about their tailored suits, so I had to add this scrap to the list. My biggest issue is the wasting of the beer throughout the fight, some premium lager and Guiness are wasted.


Hallway Fight – Inception

Forget about the amazing technicality of this fight, and just focus on the sweet suits that costume designer Jeffrey Kurland created for the film. I love this fight so much because aside from John Wick and James Bond movies, you never really get to see daper people beating the snot out of each other.  So, kudos to director Chirstopher Nolan, and Joseph Gordon Levitt for going the extra mile to entertain audiences.


Bar Fight – Legend

If I was in this bar I would’ve run away…or at least tried to. Why? The idea of fighting two Tom Hardys sounds horrible. I love the monologues before the fight, and I love how the two Hardys destroy about eight gangsters with ease. At the end of the fight, the narrator says “They never stood a chance against my beautiful Reggie.” The narrator was right, the blokes in the bar never stood a chance.


Crazy 88 Fight – Kill Bill: Vol. 1

I love this fight because it features geysers of blood (450 gallons worth) spraying everywhere. I dislike this fight because so many beautiful suits are destroyed. I feel really bad for the tailor who crafted all the suits because a lot of their work was wasted. However, the Crazy 88 gang looks awesome, and their battle with The Bride (Uma Thurman) is a thing of horrible beauty. Thank you Quentin Tarantino for creating such a great looking brawl.


Door Kick – The Transporter

This fight made the list because I love the door kick that Frank Martin (Jason Statham) unleashes to kick everything off. Throughout the franchise he beats up many people while looking awesome, but, I have to go with this moment because it kicked everything off (I had to say it again…) and proved the guy had some serious fighting chops. Also, how did he know when the guy would look through the peephole? Actually, I don’t care, because it’s such a cool moment.


Iko Uwais vs. Joe Taslim – The Night Comes for Us

The Night Comes for Us is one of my favorite action films, and I love how Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim unleashed holy hell on many unfortunate henchman. The Night Comes for Us is one of the most brutal action movies I’ve ever seen, and my favorite moment is the climatic fight between Uwais and Taslem. It’s a brutal brawl that leaves both men bloody and beaten, however, Uwais looks great throughout because of his suit.


Which fights would you add? We’d love to know.

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  1. May 26, 2019 11:20 am

    Excellent list! It wasn’t much of a “fight”, but there was a pretty good scuffle that included a lot of ties in 12 Angry Men.

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