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John’s Horror Corner: Demonwarp (1988), the bizarre bigfoot movie that turns into a zombie movie but is actually an alien Sci-Horror movie.

November 19, 2019

MY CALL: This B-movie is just plain bizarre—not in tone or execution, but in plot and content. You should get a few laughs. MORE MOVIES LIKE Demonwarp: The Alien Factor (1978), The Being (1983), Alien Predators (1985), Mutilations (1986) and Demon Wind (1990) are all the right brand of bizarre. But if you want a more serious bigfoot movie, try Exists (2014) or Willow Creek (2013).

Likely attempting to cater to fanfare for Critters (1986), Night of the Creeps (1986) and The Thing (1982), this movie opens with an outer space shot of “something” entering Earth’s atmosphere. Almost immediately after, a bigfoot violently breaks into a cabin in the woods and kidnaps a young woman.

While searching for his missing daughter, a man (George Kennedy; Brain Dead, Creepshow 2, Just Before Dawn) crosses paths with some twentysomething weekenders.

In order (from most to least abundant) this movie features a bunch of booby nudity, shots of big furry feet walking towards victims, numerous bigfoot attacks, and a bit of head-twisted-off gore. But not only are there bigfoot attacks… there’s also zombie victims with an occasional dangling eyeball. So is this a Bigfoot movie or a Zombie movie? Apparently, BOTH!

Yeah, it gets weirder. Because all these zombie victims are working together to steal electronics in order to slowly build a spaceship (like in The Thing) and our surviving protagonist suddenly finds himself amid a zombie shootout as a topless sacrifice is taking place to appease a claw-handed slimy demon.

And then… there’s yet another topless sacrifice scene! Yeah, this movie really leans as hard on the boobage as it does on bizarre writing decisions.

The movie ends like a really bad, really weak, zombie B-movie. Not sure how we got there from the whole “bigfoot is really a shapechanging alien that creates zombie engineer builder drones” theme. But whatever.

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  1. November 19, 2019 9:00 pm

    A guilty pleasure of mine.

    I remember reading there was considerable behind the scenes drama on this concerning budget and rewrites. I wish I could find a link to the discussions of it, some of the accusations were quite amusing.

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