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The Trip to Greece: Another Epic Journey With Rob and Steve

May 23, 2020

The Trip franchise is an absolute delight and it was a pleasant surprise to hear that Director Michael Winterbottom and stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon were headed to Greece for more food shenanigans. Watching Rob and Steve bicker, argue, and annoy each other in beautiful locations has been thoroughly enjoyable since 2010’s The Trip, and it’s always a pleasure to spend time watching them. I’m pleased to announce that The Trip to Greece is a delight, and their fourth film keeps things fresh, and doesn’t feel like microwaved leftovers.

Steve and Rob’s fourth trek across the world has them recreating the steps that Odysseus took on his journey from Troy to Ithaca. Their posh journey sees them singing Grease songs, eating delicious food and recreating the death of Socrates. As always, Steve drives, while Rob sits in the passenger seat and does his best to annoy Steve by challenging his acting credentials, and beating him in swimming races (which is a great moment. Rob is a legit swimmer). What I like the most about The Trip to Greece is how their six day “work assignment” is less antagonistic than their prior trips, and it’s unique how it takes a turn towards melancholy when Steve learns that his father has fallen ill.

There’s something comforting about watching Steve and Rob impersonate Robert De Niro while eating at Michelin-starred restaurants that serve delicious looking food. Their friendship has evolved since 2010, as it’s now on a more level relationship as Rob’s career has been boosted by his The Trip appearances. He’s no longer the second fiddle on the trips, and it’s forced Steve to change his behavior towards him. This allows the two of them to be more relaxed around each other and be more willing to support each other’s nonsense (the cave singing scene is sublime).

The Trip to Greece is a lot of fun, and I totally recommend you go along on Steve and Rob’s journey.

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