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MFF Special – The Con Air Seating Chart: An Overly Researched Look Into Who Sat Where

November 10, 2020

The 1997 action film Con Air is mostly remembered for its over the top action, stuffed bunnies, and GIFs of Nicolas Cage’s hair blowing gloriously in the wind. However, what makes the film work are the random characters who board the plane at the Oakland City and Carson City airports. The eclectic collection of prisoners played by John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi are super memorable, and give the film an impressive amount of gravitas. It’s rare that an action film about a flying prisoner transport features Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners/nominees, and I appreciate that the filmmakers cast A-list talent in a bonkers B-movie (that is amazing).

The following is the Con Air seating chart. The first picture is made up of the Oakland Airport convicts, and the second is made up of the Oakland and Carson City convicts. Enjoy!

Quick note – A big thank you to Ty Granderson Jones (Blade) for helping me figure out that Ramirez was on the plane. HUGE HELP. Also, the idea for the seating chart came from a discussion I had during Deep Blue Sea – The Podcast, you should listen to it!

Breakdown of characters.

  1. Karls (2B) He’s the guy who gets a bag over his head. He is later shot and killed during the plane takeover
  2. Londell (2C) – He is one of the prisoners transferred off the plane at Carson City
  3. Con #1 (2D) – He is the mustachioed prisoner who dies in the Lerner Airport battle
  4. Ajax (3B) – He gets killed in the Lerner Airport battle
  5. Old Con (3C) – He’s the old con who says “I’m too old for this sh**” and volunteers to be transferred in Carson City
  6. Donald (4B) – He gets transferred in Carson City
  7. Benson (4C) – He is shot and killed during plane takeover
  8. Johnny-23 (4D) – He almost makes it to the end, but he’s killed during the Vegas crash.
  9. Nathan “Diamond Dog” Jones (Door 1) – He is killed during the Vegas fire truck chase.
  10. Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom (Door 2) – His death is comically beautiful during the Las Vegas chase. Main antagonist.
  11. William “Billy Bedlam” Bedford (Door 4) – He is killed by Poe during the epic “bunny” fight
  12. Willie Sims (5B) – He’s an undercover agent who is shot by Cyrus after the plane take over
  13. Cameron Poe (5C) – Main protagonist. Ultimate Badass
  14. Mike “Baby-O” O’Dell (5D) – Cameron’s friend
  15. Warlock (6A) – Con who gets lit on fire before plane takeover. He dies in Lerner Airport battle.
  16. Pinball (6B) – He instigates the plane takeover and dies when he gets trapped in plane landing gear in Caron City
  17. Watts (6C) – Transferred in Carson City
  18. Popovich (7B) – He is shot and killed by Willie Sims
  1. Swamp Thing (Cockpit) – Pilot who dies during the Las Vegas chase
  2. Cindino (Cockpit) – Dies in Lerner Airport after he tries to double cross Cyrus
  3. Blade (2B) – Presumably he is arrested after the Las Vegas crash
  4. Carlos (2C) – Arrested after Las Vegas crash
  5. Sally Can’t Dance (3B) – Arrested after Las Vegas crash
  6. Mongoose (3C) – Killed in Lerner Airport battle
  7. Ramirez (4B) – He is presumably killed during Lerner Airport battle
  8. Viking (4C) – Poe takes him out before crashing in Vegas – He is confused by rocks
  9. Conrad (4B) – Poe takes him out before crashing in Vegas
  10. Garland “Marietta Mangler” Greene – Survives and gambles in Vegas

I hope you enjoyed the Con Air seating chart! Make sure to check out my other random data posts!

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  1. Jordan Richardson permalink
    November 10, 2020 7:10 pm

    Okay, this is exactly what I needed today. No clue why, but thank you!

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