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Let Him Go: An Excellent Thriller Featuring Solid Performances From Diane Lane and Kevin Costner

December 15, 2020
Poster courtesy of Focus Features

Let Him Go is a fun thriller that features solid performances from Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, and if you are into tense dinners that take place in the middle of nowhere, you will love it. Written and directed by Thomas Bezucha, and based on the Larry Watson novel, Let Him Go centers around Margaret (Diane Lane) and George Blackledge (Kevin Costner) leaving their Montana ranch, and driving to the Dakotas to find their grandson. The adventure is anything but smooth, as they traverse the beautiful and dangerous Dakota territory and go toe-to-toe with the legitimately frightening Blanch Weboy (Lesley Manville), and her clan of murderous children.

The film starts off with Margaret and George’s son James (Ryan Bruce) getting married to the soft-spoken Lorna (Kayli Carter) on their Montana ranch. Eventually, the two have a child, and everything is happy until James falls off his horse and dies. Years later, Lorna meets an abusive sh*theel named Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain), and they get married and move back to his family farm in South Dakota. The sudden move, and their knowledge of Donnie’s abusive tendencies, set Margaret and the former-sheriff George, to pack up their station wagon and make their way towards certain violence. What follows, I won’t spoil, just know that it’s a bit rushed, occasionally shocking and almost always tense as they come across 100% creepers like Bill Weboy (Jeffrey Donovan – dude is scary), who will send shivers up your spine.

Photo courtesy of Focus Features

There are two major standouts of Let Him Go. The chemistry between Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (AKA Superman’s parents) is excellent, and I’d pay to watch them ride horses, eat lunch at small diners, and cruise around glorious landscapes. Their performances are lived-in, and you can tell that the two of them genuinely like each other (I hope), and are comfortable inhabiting the same space. The excellent and non-showy (the well-framed shots never feel excessive or unnecessary) cinematography by Guy Godfree (Buffaloed) is creative, patient and makes Lane and Costner look excellent during their adventure. I kept wanting to pause the film to admire the cinematography, but since it’s a thriller that depends on momentum, I let it wash over me while I admired the inspired shots.

Photo courtesy of focus Features

If you are in the mood for an old school thriller anchored by A+ performances, I totally recommend Let Him Go. You won’t be disappointed.

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