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The Tomorrow War: A Fun Science Fiction Blockbuster That Features Chris Pratt Punching Aliens

July 9, 2021

Quick thoughts: B+ – The Tomorrow War is a very fun science fiction popcorn film that features cool monsters, unique twists, and a solid performance from Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski. Also, with news about a sequel in the works, it looks like it’s been a success for Amazon.

Directed by Chris Mckay (The Lego Batman Movie, Robot Chicken), The Tomorrow War is a big budget science fiction film that focuses on soldiers traveling to the future to prevent deadly monsters called “White Spikes” from destroying the world. It’s a wild idea that involves time travel, science, and swarms of aliens ripping ill-prepared soldiers in multiple parts. While many reviews have cynically (and lazily) focused on its obvious similarities to Edge of Tomorrow, Alien, Prometheus and Starship Troopers, just know that The Tomorrow War is an absolute blast that goes places you might not expect, and features Chris Pratt punching an alien in the face. 

The film focuses on what happens when people from the future create a rickety time travel  system (that’s held together by duct tape and luck), so they can travel back in time to recruit soldiers (who get drafted and are ill-prepared) to help them fight an alien species who are steamrolling everything in the future. The future folk get lucky when Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is drafted and sent to the future to rescue some research in Miami that could possibly be used to wipe out the aliens. Why are the future folk lucky? Dan is a skilled former soldier, who forcefully has to leave behind his wife Emmy Forester (Betty Gilpin – I wish she had a bigger role) and daughter Muri (Yvonne Strahovski), so he can use his skills in the future war. After he, and fellow “soldiers” Charlie (Sam Richardson), and Dorian (Edwin Hodge) successfully complete their mission in Miami, he is introduced to Colonel Muri Forester, who happens to be his grown up daughter. Together they kidnap a large female alien, and they research how to kill the very hungry aliens (who only want chaos). The rest won’t be spoiled, just know that it features snowmobiles, J.K. Simmons, and Will Smith references.

It’s nice seeing Chris Pratt playing a regular guy who isn’t super smarmy or sassy. He is 100% believable in this role, and it’s nice seeing him be capable, kind and tough (zero pelvic sorcery here). Also, as a fan of the NBC show Chuck, it’s cool seeing Yvonne Strahovski in full-badass mode. She’s totally believable as a tired colonel who is trying to keep the rest of humanity alive despite terrible odds. Strahovski and Pratt have solid chemistry, and you buy into the father/daughter dynamic between the two. The true standout of the film is Sam Richardson, who between Werewolves Within, and The Tomorrow War is having a lot of success battling monsters. Richardson is a breath of fresh air, and you’ll grow to love his character who keeps surviving despite massive odds. 

Final thoughts: Ignore the similarities to many other films, and just enjoy Chris Pratt punching aliens.

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