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An Ernest Scared Stupid Theory – Trantor the Troll Doomed Himself When He Placed a Curse on the Worrell Bloodline

August 25, 2021
The troll’s curse put him up against the tenacious Ernest P. Worrell

“Hear me, Phineas Worrell. When the face of death covers the moon, one with your blood in his veins will release me, and victory will at last be mine!” Trantor the Troll

Legend has it that from that moment on, Phineas’ descendants would get dumber and dumber…and dumber – A local Briarville legend

If you enjoy this random Ernest Scared Stupid theory, make sure to listen to the podcast episode we recorded about the movie. You’ll love it, we explore Miak, and what it might be.

What I love about Ernest Scared Stupid is how the curse that Trantor the Troll places on the Worrell family helps explain everything that happens in the 10 film Ernest franchise. The reason Ernest is so “dumb” is because his relative Phineas P. Worrell caught and trapped a child killing troll. While burying the troll in its eternal grave, Trantor unleashes a curse on Phineas that helps explain why Ernest P. Worrell is who he is. Basically, the curse makes each generation of the Worrell family dumber. What’s interesting, is that while Ernest seems to have lost book smarts and the ability to be cynical, he is an inspired inventor who can build gigantic tree houses, create functional turtle parachutes, and is adept at driving any vehicle known to man (Including Santa’s sleigh). Thus, Trantor’s curse must have based on his definition of dumb, as Ernest was never able to finish high school, but, his knowledge of all things mechanical are unrivaled.

What Trantor didn’t expect was that the curse helps Ernest achieve some miraculous feats as his “child’s heart” helps him save Christmas, survive the electric chair, and fulfill a prophecy when his courage causes bullets to miss him. Also, as the curse predicted, Ernest does set Trantor free. However, Ernest is the only adult in town willing to battle Trantor, and this leads to Traitor’s demise. The things that can kill Trantor are the heart of a child, and a mother’s care. Initially, Milk (viva la Miak – David Cross took a guess as to what Miak is) could’ve done the trick. However after Trantor collects five children (horrifying), he’s able to raise his troll army and become Uber Trantor (think Jason X).

Miak = Comedy Gold

During the finale of Ernest Scared Stupid, Trantor has become too powerful for milk to stop him. Ernest learns that it’s love that can stop Trantor. So, he picks him up, dances with him, and plants a kiss on the troll. No sane human would do this, only the cursed Ernest and his “bottom of the gene pool” lineage would think of this. So, Trantor makes the Worrell lineage dumber, but he also creates someone with the heart of a child (and strength of an Ox) who can stop him. Take a look at this quote from the movie, you’ll see that someone “with the heart of a child” can stop Trantor

“From the innocence of five,

an evil army shall arise.

When blossoms shower down like rain,

my dark kingdom will come again.

There is one who can

stop me if he will dare,

with the heart of a child…

and a mother’s care.”

ERNEST TIMELINE (to prove the curse also helped Ernest P. Worrell do great things)

Long Ago – Briarville Missouri – In the beginning of Ernest Scared Stupid, Phinneas Worrell uses a child as bait to catch an evil troll that followed the settlers to the new world, and stole children so he could resurrect his army. The plan is successful, as they capture Trantor and bury him deep in the ground. Before Trantor the Troll can be buried, he says “When the face of death covers the moon, one with your blood in his veins will release me.” Trantor also curses the Worrell lineage to become “dumber, and dumber and dumber.”

Here’s a note about Phineas P. Worrell from the Fandom page – “Reverend Phineas Worrell – A distant English-born ancestor of Ernest in “Ernest Scared Stupid“. He helped banish a troll named Trantor, who Ernest accidentally released several generations later. Phineas was unique among the known Worrell family in that he appeared to have a relatively serious disposition and appeared to be quite intelligent for the brief moment that he was shown. However, as Trantor was being banished, the troll placed a curse on the Worrell family that would make members of the family considerably less intelligent with each successive generation, ultimately culminating in a member of the family that would release Trantor.”

1949 – Ernest P. Worrell is born. We don’t know about his parents. In Ernest Scared Stupid he says he didn’t know his father well (and that he didn’t have forefathers).

1959 – Fourth Grade – His teacher says “He never knew when to quit.” This is when we learn about his tenacity. Somehow the curse has made him very determined, when you watch the movies, you’ll notice that the dude always keeps going.

1987 – Ernest Goes to Camp – Ernest understands sign language, builds a makeshift catapult and makes functional parachutes for turtles. Most importantly, He passes an initiation ritual when his courage alters the course of three bullets to prevent them from striking him. Since the magic of Trantors curse is placed upon him, it’s possible that it protected him from the bullets.

1988 – Ernest Saves Christmas – Ernest helps Santa escape from jail (he believes he is Santa), and successfully steers Santa’s sleigh. He’s the only person who believes Santa is Santa. Dude saves Christmas. He also helps a runaway teenager get back on track.

1990 – Ernest Goes to Jail – Ernest survives the electric chair and foils a bank robbery. This is where the curse comes in handy. Trantor needs a dumb Worrell relative to release him. It’s possible the magic kept Ernest alive when it would’ve killed any other person on the planet. He also becomes magnetic, and gains the ability to fly for a short period of time. The magic is real.

1991 – Ernest Scared Stupid – In the beginning of the film, Ernest is trapped inside of his garbage truck, and is compacted inside a massive square heap of garbage, the hunk of trash falls out of the garbage truck and we see Ernest landing face first. He suffers zero injuries (the curse really has made him powerful). Then, after he lets Trantor out, he’s the only person who can stop him.

Here’s a quote from Old Lady Hackmore:

“You are the only troll fighter we’ve got. You’re the seventh son of the seventh son. You’re the baby. You’re the boy. You are the great redneck hope.”

This leads to Ernest finally figuring out how to defeat Trantor. Think about it, only a maniac would pick up a demonic troll and kiss it on the lips in a true showing of love. What’s great is the curse that Trantor unleashes proves to be his undoing

It’s great storytelling that makes the entire franchise make sense.

Also, The magic must’ve stayed with him as the followup films feature some gnarly happenings as well.

Ernest Rides Again – His body is so powerful it prevents nails from entering his head

Ernest Slam Dunk – He is given magical shoes

Ernest Goes to School – He receives a serum that makes him super smart.

There you have it! Trantor doomed himself when he cursed the Worrells. Thank you for reading!

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  1. August 25, 2021 10:35 pm

    An excellent, very insightful article! Wow what a fun read. My oldest daughter was 5 years old when Scared Stupid came out and we must have watched it a hundred times. I actually quoted the movie in a (brief) fit of road rage a couple of years ago- “How about a bumper sandwich, booger lips?”

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