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Jackass Forever (2022) – Review: A Worthy Sequel That Features a Healthy Dose of Laughs, Camaraderie, and Concussions

March 30, 2022

Quick Thoughts – Grade – B Jackass Forever doesn’t match the comedic heights of Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, or Jackass 3D, but, after 20+ years, hundreds of stunts, and a new cast, it’s still surprisingly fresh and fun. The reunion of maniacs never feels like a nostalgic cash grab, and it’s admirable the lengths the cast and crew go to make people smile.

A couple months ago, I was tasked with rewatching the Jackass movie franchise so I could pull fun stats and research for a Jackass quiz with Johnny Knoxville (It’s a beautiful interview, Fandom crushed it). The rewatch reminded me why I love the franchise so much. What makes the movies work so well are the camaraderie and chemistry between the jackasses who step in front of rampaging bulls to get a laugh. It’s also nice that they don’t seem to love the pain and punishment that come from bungee wedgies, or skateboarding into walls. They hurt themselves against their better judgment, and the laughs come from the reactions of their peers who can’t believe they just saw a snapping turtle latch onto someone’s butt cheek. A great example of a skit getting laughs is the High Five prank in Jackass 3D. Knoxville helped set up a gigantic hand that levels his unsuspecting friends when they’re walking through the production office. The best part of the prank is the laughter (86 total seconds) that comes from the prank perpetrators and people who got pranked. There’s something refreshing about watching Bam Margera laugh hysterically while almost every inch of his body is covered with flour. 

Jackass Forever lacks the surprise and chemistry of the past films, but it still features welcome comradery and laughs. I did find myself missing Ryan Dunn, who died in 2011, and Bam Margera who reportedly couldn’t get sober for the shoot. The two best friends were experts at getting hurt, and I missed the chemistry they had with the rest of the group. The new additions Rachel Wolfson (my favorite new addition), Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, Jasper Dolphin and Sean “Poopies” McInerny (who got bit by a shark during a Shark Week Jackass gag), blend in well, and despite some hero worship, they step up and get knocked down with the best of them. The best stunts featuring the new crew are The Quiet Game, which features Wolfson and Poopies being totally silent while licking stun guns or getting bit by snakes, and The Dum Dum Game that features Poopies getting hit in the balls multiple time with a devilish device that pulverizes him when he gets a trivia answer wrong. 

Many of the original stars have their moments to shine as well. Knoxville gets DESTROYED once again by a bull, Steve-O gets covered in poop, Dave England poops, and Chris Pontius attacks a city for the Cockzilla sketch. The most pleasant surprise of Jackass Forever is that Ehren McGhehey gets several moments to shine, Whether he’s getting punched in the balls by MMA champ Frances Ngannou, or having a spider bite his nipple, it’s nice seeing Ehren not be the butt of every joke or prank. It is really interesting watching men who once seemed immortal becoming mortal, and sometimes it backfires. For instance, Preston Lacy craps himself before a stunt begins (it’s sad watching a man become despondent because he pooped before a stunt), or when Johnny essentially sacrifices himself to a bull that turns his bones into jelly. The painful stunts aren’t as fun as they used to be because these men don’t just bounce back up anymore. Nowadays, they thud harder, yell louder, get hurt harder, and it’s not as fun. If there are future installments I’d love to see the new blood getting obliterated while the old crew laugh riotously and occasionally show the young kids how to do it. I’m by no means saying they should step aside because that would be a very sad day, I just don’t want to see Knoxville get hit by any more rampaging animals. That said, the grandpa gag involving him being shot through the ceiling of a furniture store is beautiful, and I hope he never stops flying through various objects. 

*Quick Note – My least favorite Jackass sketch happens in Jackass: The Movie. It’s when Knoxville boxes famed puncher Butterbean. It’s an absolute squash match and there’s zero joy in it. It’s just Johnny being punched in the head by a world class head puncher. I’ve never enjoyed stunts like this. They only exist to give someone a concussion, and I’ve always thought they were pointless. This might give you a point of view into my enjoyment of the franchise. 

Final thoughtsJackass Forever is a solid entry to the franchise, and I want more.

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