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John’s DVD Round Up

June 24, 2011

DVD Round-Up

By John Leavengood


Hall Pass offers a slapstick take on the classic married male’s delusions of grandeur: that if he wasn’t married he could get sooo much ass.  This movie is no 40-Year Old Virgin, Old School or Wedding Crashers, which I’m sure was the director’s goal, but it is a lot of fun anyway.  My favorite moment would most likely be the least favorite moment of any committed woman; it’s the slander heard round the world… “Doesn’t it ever bother you that all of our wives’ dreams come true but ours’ don’t?”

Watch this one when you’re at odds with your girlfriend.  You’ll both value each other more afterwards.

     Unthinkable indeed.  I would have never thought I’d see Michael Sheen play a bad guy since playing Lucian in the Underworld movies.  I never thought I’d see him get electrocuted.  I never thought I’d see Samuel L. Jackson torture anyone except for when he plays a Jedi.  The cheap jab aside, this is another “good mediocre” movie.  It’s no shock it wasn’t big, but it’s certainly worth seeing.

            This movie tests our moral limits, situationally desensitizes us of them, and ultimately outright emends them as we are presented with this very real, very grave dilemma: how far will we go to protect the masses?

    Dude, any movie that features a Red Scorpion movie poster in three different scenes should be seen just for that.  Why are they in the movie?  Because this is the true story about an enterprising DC lobbyist (Kevin Spacey) who, in addition to getting into a lot of trouble, produced some Dolph Lundgren movies.  Barry Pepper is okay.  Jon Lovitz gets stabbed in the face with a pen by an angry Greek hooligan…see it if you need a cheap laugh and you’ve seen everything else.

  Mark reviewed this one (, but I wanted to add one wee tidbit.  Did anyone else think this would have been better if the vampire girl was played by Saoirse Ronan (from Hanna,  I mean, this chick should get every fairy tale and supernatural role from now on.  If they re-made Legend, she’d be perfect for one of the fairies.

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