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August 13, 2011

Hello all. Mark here. This is gonna sound weird but I’ve never liked Brian Dennehy as an actor. It is nothing rational but he has always annoyed me. Maybe, after what he did to Rambo all those years ago…..

Enjoy John’s latest review!

Every Day (2010)


By John Leavengood

                       MY CALL:    This is not a feel good movie or a great movie, but it made me think and I enjoyed it a lot…mostly because I like Eddie Izzard, Live Schreiber and Carla Gugino, but also because there were some strong nods/criticisms to how we deal or cope with family drama.  I’d say give it a shot. [B].  IF YOU LIKE THIS, WATCH:   As Good As It Gets will provide a much better performance from Helen Hunt.  Maybe try The Kids Are All Right, too.

            Let’s start by pointing out that the DVD cover makes this appear like some light-hearted love-triangle rom-com.  It’s not.  The trailer suggests this is a family-driven drama with some hard times, but also with a lot of smiles suggesting, perhaps, a lot of warm resolution.  If feel like that’s only half right.  Here’s the trailer…


            If this movie had a mission statement I think it would be to convey that family life is tough.  Or that life, in general, is tough.  The movie doesn’t do a great job depicting common stressful family scenarios, but it does do very well when it comes to convincing us of how tough these situations are on the characters.

            The issues addressed are primarily delivered from the father’s (Live Schreiber) perspective and include struggling with managing his gay teenage son (Ezra Miller), supporting his wife (Helen Hunt) as she copes with her unloving father (Brian Dennehy) who moves in with them, temptations of infidelity with his coworker (Carla Gugino), and balancing the diametric pressures between his deadline pushing boss (Eddie Izzard) and his family responsibilities (often from his wife, specifically).

            All actors played their roles well, however I did not find Schreiber and Hunt to be a credible couple.  Even though the couple is going through hard times and aren’t being intimate, I still feel comfortable saying that whatever chemistry that should have been there, wasn’t there.  This wasn’t an issue that affected my enjoyment of the movie though.

            This movie made me stop and think about life for a moment.  Seeing the invalid, depressed, suicidal father-in-law struggle and aggressively emote was rough.  Seeing the mother try to shield her younger son from the inevitable exposure to this toxic man was tougher.  Toughest, was seeing her husband suffer the aftershocks of her anger with her father.  Just when I thought I had seen the roughest patch, I listened to the all too familiar condescending lies we pass to the elderly to convince them of how much they will enjoy assisted living facilities.  Oh, they have activities.  Dad, you love shuffle board.  This feels like a good fit.  You’re really going to love it here.  As if addressing a child or programming a new cult initiate, isn’t it?  How sad that this has become a seemingly necessary standard of operation.

            Again, tough times and not a lot of smiles, but a serviceable movie that makes some good observations on family drama.

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