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Safe Men

September 23, 2011

Hello all. Mark here.

I love Safe Men. Steven Zahn and Sam Rockwell are perfect together,  Paul Giamatti looks great in hammer pants and Mark Ruffalo perfected the perfect mustache.

My wonderful girlfriend wrote up a quick review for the film. Enjoy!

Safe Men

By: Megan Arnall
I have recently become a fan of any movie involving Sam Rockwell. I can’t tell you if it is his propensity for working dancing into all of his films or his actual talent for acting, either way Mark has me hooked. Safe Men is classic Rockwell with the added bonus of Mark Ruffalo with a ‘stache, Paul Giamatti lover of pants, and one excellent story by Harvey Fierstein. This movie answers the age-old question, “What do you do when a guy in a track suit confuses you and your buddy/singing partner for safe crackers?” Well you go into the business of course!

That is five reasons to see this movie already! Here are some more:

  • Flammable pants, they are no joke kids
  • Little Big Fat
  • Peter Dinklage cameo For The Win
  • and Mark Ruffalo’s mustache…look out for this line “Sweet ‘stache”

Watch Rockwell and Zahn sing and dance, learn about love and death in the hot goods business and laugh your little toosh off at this quirky comedy!

Fun Stuff:

  • Get the dvd for this special feature- a short film by the director John Hamburg about independently contracted bomb defusers
  • Along these lines (great cast, smart crime comedy, Sam Rockwell) you should definitely watch Welcome to Collinwood

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