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Win Win

September 24, 2011

I love  interesting characters. All of my favorite movies  feature a plethora of interesting personalities. These are my favorite films. Jaws, Dr. Strangelove, The Royal Tennenbaums, Say Anything, Once and Hot Fuzz. The things that made these movies great were the insistence of creating a world with original humans.

With his three films  as proof Director and writer  Tom McCarthy knows how to create three-dimensional characters. The Station Agent was a nice film involving three loners played by Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale and Michelle Williams. The Visitor showcased Richard Jenkins and focused on identity and immigration.

Win Win is the story of Paul Giamatti trying to stay afloat. He has a nice family, coaches a wrestling team and has to deal with recently divorced Bobby Cannavale.

The problem is that his law practice is going under.  So, he lies and takes an elderly gentleman into his care. He puts the man into a retirement home and keeps the $1,500 a month to himself.  Eventually, the older man’s grandson comes into town and Giamatti takes him into his care. The kid happens to be a great wrestler. The rest is a nice story about a guy who has clouded his sense of right and wrong to survive.

Win Win  is a small film that manages to create big laughs and small moments that stay with you.  The only issue I have with this film is that it ends too easily. It is too neat. However, I’m glad it didn’t end badly because I didn’t want to see any bad things happening to these people.

You like all of the characters. There is humanity in all of them.  Jeffrey Tambor is the funniest man alive. Watch this film.

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