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October 6, 2011

This movie is a nice little bugger. It feels like a mixture of Wes Anderson, The Arctic Monkeys, Holden Cauflield and A Christmas Story.

Submarine focuses on a 15-16 year old who is entering the world of dating and dealing with his parents loveless marriage. You can’t really generalize this film. You can give people a basic idea but it would be like explaining Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and Royal Tennenbaums. A general synopsis would not do it justice.

I love movies like this.  Characters are three-dimensional, the vision is unique, quirks are aplenty and it has a freshness that is missing in bigger budget films. This film has a look all its own. The 35mm camera captures a nice raw look that saturates the color and gives it the pretentiousness it needs. You’d expect this movie to come from this guy. Richard Ayoade (Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd).

Watch this film. Enjoy the freshness. Dig the Soundtrack.

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