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Trailer Talk: Ghost Rider 2

October 5, 2011

Nicolas Cage + motorcycles + flaming skulls + bad CGI = A happy Mark.

My only hope is that Cage continues the trend of acting bored whilst crazy things are happening around him. Season of the Witch and Next are examples of bored acting.

From what I gather about the trailer is Nic Cage hunting an evil that is more evil than the evil he defeated in the first film. It always seems that evil gets more evil after you destroy it. If I was an evil guy I would get defeated at least 30 times. Because, after that I’d be unstoppable. Nic Cage would need to recruit his characters from Con Air, The RockThe Weatherman, Raising Arizona and Face-Off to even have a chance of putting a hurting on me.  

The CGI seems better in this film and it has the benefit of not having Wes Bentley as the bad guy. Also, the day time car chase looks really cool. The one thing this movie seems to have going for it is that it will not be boring. In the preview Nic pukes fire and unnecessarily/creatively kills the bad guys. I love how this trailer tastefully answers the unnecessary question of whether or not a  flaming man from hell can pee. The answer is yes……He pisses fire.

I’m going to watch this film. It will not be good but I’m not expecting Thor or Captain America. I’m hoping for a bored Nicolas Cage and a whole lot of explosions.

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