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Like Crazy

December 2, 2011

This movie could have gone wrong in so many ways

1. Too Sappy……Like a corn syrup factory.

2. The girlfriend could have been one of those pixie/indie/free spirits that plague cinemas (Elizabethtown, Garden State, The Last Kiss…..Any film with Zach Braff)

3. The movie could have seemed fake….Super Indie fake….Like the kind of film where a fat dude writes a movie about a love he thinks would be ideal.

4. Too much dialogue……Only two movies can pull off too much dialogue and they are Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

I can happily say that Like Crazy avoids all of those pitfalls and manages to become a natural/intimate film that feels real and heartbreaking while leaving the viewer with a feeling of hope.

Cheap, creative, well written and acted this film provided my girlfriend and I with a pleasurable night at the cinema. The movie doesn’t overstay its welcome or frustrate you with a vague indie ending.

The movie revolves around Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones in the trials and tribulations of first love. They fall in love cutely and continue their relationship amidst long distances, visa issues and multiple Baxters.

Sidenote: A Baxter is a person who is a placeholder until the film’s couple decides to finally get together. A perfect example is Cary Elwes in Liar Liar.

Watch this movie. Enjoy the characters. Appreciate the story. Never overstay your travel visa.

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