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Friends With Benefits (a second opinion)

December 22, 2011

When asked about his historic run of great films in the 70s Jack Nicholson said he “likes to play characters who haven’t existed yet.” I know it is odd to compare this movie to Jack Nicholson but you’ve seen the characters in Friends With Benefits many times before.

Friends with Benefits is a frustratingly predictable film. Despite the nice leads, shiny look and witty banter this movie offers nothing new.

John wrote a glowing review for this film that is much more in-depth. Check it out.  I understand that appeal of the film but the charm didn’t work on me. Here is my review in nine pithy bullet points.


1. The leads are attractive, rich and emotionally unavailable.

2. Their situation is in no way empty.

3. They quip, banter and recite dialogue only heard in movies.

4. They fight about their feelings.

5. Their quirks include not being able to add, mixing up Third Eye Blind songs with Semisonic songs and disliking heights.

6. She hears him talking about how they are just friends and she flies back to New York.

7. There is a flash mob.

8. They end up together.

9. Forget instantly

If I had to compare this to No Strings Attached I would give the win to Strings. No Strings Attached is not a good film but it has bumps and bruises that make it genuine. It doesn’t feel like a sterile hollywood film. The characters make sense in an odd way.

If you want to watch a non-offensive raunchy romantic comedy with familiar characters this is the film for you.

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