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Bad Movie Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

February 14, 2012

I was going to write a BMT about the new Twilight film. However, it began to feel like I was piling on top of several piles. I began to think about the couples that will  unwittingly stumble upon this movie on Valentine’s Day and I felt bad for them.

If you couldn’t get reservations to your favorite restaurant or a sudden rain/snow/hail storm hits you will need a contingency plan. The back up plan could be to cuddle up on a couch and watch a movie. With this sudden change of plan you might be forced to make an impulsive movie choice that could affect the outcome of your night.

Back in 2003 I co-hosted a radio show focused on movies. We had a caller who described an ill-fated night in which the current romantic comedy was sold out so he and his wife watched Gangs of New York. I love GONY but it is not a date night movie.

Also, don’t fall for the Valentine’s Day trick. The movie Valentine’s Day is a poor mans rip off of Love Actually. Also, If  somehow you come across Sex in the City 2 run for the hills. I watched it with my girlfriend and we almost died. The power was drained right out of us. The pain was excruciating.

To help you avoid a potentially fatal romantic movie choice I’ve decided to inform you of the current romantic films that are readily available on Netflix and Redbox. There are many caveats but if the two of you are hell-bent on watching some romance here are the best and worst.

The underlined films and have been reviewed on the site. Click on the link if you want to read more.


The Good

Fright Night Fun, breezy, scary…offers something for everyone.

Crazy Stupid LoveSmart, romantic and lovely

Beginners An original film that is perfect for any couple

Midnight in Paris Impress your date by guessing all the literary references.

BridesmaidsA guaranteed laugh


The Decent

Friends with Benefits Eh…It’ll do.


The Soul Crushing

I Don’t Know How She Does It – Me neither.

Larry Crowne – The Strangest mainstream film in years.

What’s Your Number – Anna Farris tries really hard….

One Day – I thought an hour had passed but the movie was only three minutes in.

Something Borrowed – Weak characters. Makes you like an evil Kate Hudson.

Arthur – An example on how to take good actors and make them unlikable.


Now on to Netflix!

Do not fall into the trap of searching Netflix for hours. Pick one of these films. Many hours have been wasted looking for the right streaming movie….

I’ve included the movies that will not disappoint.


The Good

Before Sunrise – Romance for Generation X.

No Strings Attached – Flawed but fun.

Wild Target – Cheeky British fluff.

Nine Months – I watched it years ago and thought it was funny. Hopefully, it holds up.

Chasing Amy – Kevin Smith’s best screenplay

Notting Hill – Did you say oopsy daisy?

Roxanne – Steve Martin + A long nose = 80s gold

Tangled – You will smile the entire time.


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