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Top Ten Party Movies

February 16, 2012

Here is the situation.

1. You are throwing a party/get together/gathering at your place and you are wondering what movie to screen.

You need to keep your super indie friend away from Netflix because he/she will choose the most obscure Korean horror film. If you don’t have a movie ready to play people will stand around your DVD collection and wonder why you have three copies of Roadhouse.

You need to make an executive decision and put a trustworthy movie in the Blu-ray player. This will show you are confident in your movie choices. Here are ten films that will not disappoint the party goers. So, when you are doing a keg stand or pouring an expensive wine you can be certain that the movie playing in the background is a people pleaser.

The reason I chose these films is because they are familiar and funny. Depressing is not good when you are trying to chat. Also, blood, guts, gore and nudity are not necessary at parties. Imagine somebody walking into your party when the gimp is out in Pulp Fiction or Leatherface is chainsawing an attractive teen. This can all be avoided with a tasteful film. An added bonus is… if you are in an awkward conversation you can quote the movie and you’ve bought yourself another minute.

Enjoy these movies. They will be popular at any party. Thank me later….or now. Give me suggestions if you think there are better films I’m leaving out.

1. Super Troopers – I’ve never met somebody who hasn’t liked this film. Engage in a rapid fire quote drinking game. Tell everyone that Erik Stolhanske (Rabbit) has one leg and is in the P90x workout doing plyometrics (jump training)

2. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – Shake and bake! Argue the merits of Nascar vs. Formula 1. Tell everyone about the wonderful documentary Senna.

3. BridesmaidsTalk about how good the food looked. Share recipes. Tell people where you would hide your gun if you were an Air Marshall.

4. The ReplacementsHe’s wiry…Instant sports talk. Also, this movie was originally supposed to be an R rated film.

5. AnchormanDrink scotch while watching this. Discuss how you went to Scotland and sampled all the finest scotch…or talk mustache trimming techniques.

6. Zoolander Blue Steel competition!

7. Dodgeball  – If you can keep up a good party conversation you can dodge a wrench. Make up team names and play some form of party game.

8. Office Space – Show party goers your “O” face. You can also share office stories.

9. Dazed and ConfusedWell alright alright alright alright. Proclaim your love of Foghat.

10. Animal House – Who cares if young folk haven’t watched this film. It is a classic and needs to be kept alive.


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